It is a reality that many women today have enough plans to assume their own motherhood, that is, they are giving priority first to fulfilling their dreams of study, work and professional development, wanting by their own decision to postpone having a baby and thus plan to have a family, having fulfilled their own personal achievements.

For that reason, many women choose to freeze their ovules , as a method of conserving their reproductive potential and choosing the appropriate time to have a baby. It is one of the decisions they will make, when they decide to be ready and begin with complete peace of mind to have their own children in the future.

In this sense, it is clear to highlight the importance of science and its advances in terms of fertility , the way they have given a solution to the problems that afflict people anywhere in the world, the various treatments and possible alternatives so that people can access and fulfill that illusion of having a family.

When the woman has made the decision to freeze her ovules An adequate procedure and medical help is necessary, who will advise and guide you in the process, and then start with the extraction and freezing of your eggs, to keep them until the woman decides to thaw them and start her own pregnancy.

What is the use of freezing the eggs?

It is one of the techniques of Assisted reproduction which works as a method of fertilization, for women who have decided to freeze their own eggs, as a way to postpone their pregnancy for the future.

To begin with egg freezing, the patient will undergo a ovarian stimulation Since the woman each month naturally matures an egg for fertilization, for this reason stimulation is necessary to obtain several eggs that are necessary to select the best ones to freeze. After 10 to 12 days of stimulation, the last step called ovarian puncture is reached, which consists of extracting the oocytes through a small vaginal incision, with the patient sedated so that it is an easy, safe and comfortable intervention for the patient.

In this way, the eggs are obtained, which will be analyzed and selected, so that they can later be frozen in a process known as vitrification . The eggs are frozen without fertilizing, since this is one of the ways of not damaging the ovum and that it can be preserved for the future, since they may not be used immediately, that is why they are frozen and kept for use in the time required.

To perform the freezing treatment, there are specialized clinics, which do the entire procedure of freezing the eggs and the fertilization treatment, so that you have everything in one place, it is safe and effective.

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How long can they last frozen?

Thanks to scientific advances, after obtaining the samples of the woman's eggs, they are taken to the laboratory where they are cleaned, analyzed, selected and subjected to ultra-fast freezing, to guarantee quality and maintain their reproductive capacity, approximately between two to four years can last frozen. But there are also studies that suggest that they can last more than 10 years frozen.

In which cases it is recommended to freeze eggs

Egg freezing is a method that aims to preserve the maximum reproductive potential of women for the future. In this way, egg freezing is recommended for all women who decide to preserve their own fertility and later they want to use them, either because they postponed their maternity, for personal, work or professional reasons.

What is egg donation?

It is a treatment of Assisted reproduction , where the egg donor is used as the first measure to start the fertilization treatment, so that later the embryo is created to transfer it to the mother's uterus. It is the process as such of fertilization for people who cannot have children by their own means, either due to their low number of their own oocytes, some disease or older women and it is necessary to use egg donors to gestate the embryo with the sperm from your partner if they have it or if it is the case of using a donor sperm.

For this, the selection of the ideal donor is necessary, for the couple or person who has started the treatment, from looking for the most physically and genetically compatible traits of the donor, with the couple. Afterwards, in vitro fertilization is prepared with the donated eggs and the embryo culture is continued, with a six-day follow-up to check its evolution and development. So that the transfer is finally made to the woman's uterus and then after 15 days the blood test is taken to confirm the pregnancy.

In this way, egg donation is used with an alternative for women who, for various health or personal reasons, use an egg donor to have a baby, in this way we will highlight the importance of women, who use egg donation as the way of supporting and helping people who are in search of a baby and thanks to medical and scientific advances gives them the peace of mind of accessing a safe and effective treatment. Feel free to look for a clinic like Celagem , who has a long history and experiences in reliable egg donation processes and with great professionals who will provide you with adequate advice and will accompany you in the process, do not hesitate to contact us.

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