surrogacy the ideal solution for LGBT couples

LGBT couples comprise a percentage of the population who fight every day and have a goal, that the laws protect them in the same way as all citizens. This is the case with surrogacy, inquiring into developing legislation that provides them in their country, the possibility of forming a family.

Since ancient times, LGBT couples have been controversial, however this was not always the case. Egyptian civilizations did not judge these personal inclinations. As the laws were established, what was “fair, consistent and reasonable” was established among the citizens and in those cases those who did not comply with the established ones were excluded.

Due to various demonstrations with the cause of respecting and protecting the rights of these groups, the laws have been reformulated, and many advocate for the protection of this population. This is the case of the formation of a family, all those couples due to a natural impossibility, cannot have children without external help since clearly a female gamete and a male gamete are needed to give life to a baby.

In these times, couples have different options to become parents, and in fact, surrogacy is the protagonist and the main pillar when it comes to supporting the population, giving them the possibility of having a child with genetic information from the intended parents.

Surrogacy is ideal for LGBT couples, who, beyond the amazing idea of having a child with hereditary information from the intended parents, will allow them to live and be present in the entire process that takes place.Adoption for these couples is very difficult, since many centers deny the possibility that parents of the same sex choose this path, and in some cases this act is reprehensible by the committee that directs the adoption centers. 

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Approximately adoptions can take up to 4 years to be approved, and today many couples make the decision to start a family at an advanced age, leading them to wait unscheduled amounts of time.

Surrogacy encompasses an opportunity, be it of any chosen nature. At Make a New Family, we have the experience of many couples of the same sex, where the male sex is more common. Providing the opportunity for each couple, who need an assisted pregnancy, to make their dream of becoming parents come true.

Couples of the same sex have different ways of being involved in the process, either through the contribution of genetic material, pregnancy by one of the women, and most importantly, which is the opportunity to choose the right moment. That is why it is very meaningful to connect with a surrogacy agency that emphasizes prior knowledge and the entire legal process that goes into being an intending parent. 

For couples who in their current country deny them the possibility of having children, there are agencies that are legally trained, so that they do not have problems when returning to their country, a situation that affects many couples and a fear that paralyzes them. undertake this long awaited moment.

The surrogacy process combines a number of opportunities that make it unique. Among which stands out:

  • The possibility for male couples, so that they can donate the sperm of each one or only one couple, a variable chosen by the intending parents.
  • Zero exclusions or homophobias that many LGBT couples experience. Since surrogacy is a process focused on this society, they are equally respected and their rights are considered.
  • Female same-sex couples, if they are fertile, can be involved in the pregnancy and egg donation process. Which encourages the bond between the couple.
  • The possibility of choosing the opportune moment to carry out the surrogacy, also happens the same with the intentional mother who decides before carrying out the gestation.
  • The possibility that the child has genes from the intending parents, which causes their generation to transcend and carry a family brand, as well as avoiding that the child may feel excluded by some different kinship with the parents, which could cause problems in the younger.
  • Legal and medical processes tend to be shorter than by other means, reducing the time it takes for parents to make the decision, until the child comes home.

However, the greatest benefit that LGBT intending parents can have is to live the experience that the entire surrogacy program offers them, uniting the couple more and focusing them in an environment where there is no judgment, where it is not abnormal to have these preferences and He lends them a helping hand to carry the process safely.It should be taken into account that surrogacy has a higher cost for the entire process that it involves. And although there are forms of payment depending on the center, to make regularization more comfortable, there are also countries where surrogacy does not have to be entirely expensive. So it all depends on the agency and the country that the couple indicates.


Studying the compatibility between couples is important to minimize risks, and in the event that one of the couples is infertile, the other person will carry the genetic material. 

It should also be clarified that there are cases where the surrogacy is not successful in the first moment, and that it can make the process longer or have a higher cost. It is important that the couple have a remnant to be prevented in the greatest of cases.

That the surrogacy is not successful in the first moment, does not mean the end, a more in-depth study would determine the cause of failure. However, they are rare cases, most couples in the first phase, manage to carry the pregnancy to term.

It is important to investigate which agency accommodates the needs of the couple, and that the intended parents are sure of forming the family of the future. Surrogacy opens the doors for many couples each year to fulfill their dream of becoming parents. Living one of the most enriching and exciting stages. After you become a parent, you will be every day. Giving light and strength to thousands of people who do not dare for fear of rejection, and who manage to enjoy one of the greatest pleasures and miracles in life. 

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Why is surrogacy ideal for LGBT couples?