All about In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Why choose the ROPA method

Currently, couples of the same sex, female or lesbians, are looking for different ways to form a family, as well as, they want to be able to live a full experience of pregnancy, so they are looking for different methods to have a child, but how will it be possible being both women?There are some methods such as adoption, which can give you the opportunity to start a family, being totally ideal for some couples, but the vast majority of lesbian couples want to live the pregnancy process, but the most important thing is that they want to be biological mothers. of their children.

The reality is that thanks to scientific advances, the ROPA method is a popular option today.

Its benefits? This method has a high probability of giving a successful pregnancy, it ensures that mothers are present throughout the process, it is safe and has specialists who help and guide you throughout the process, which is why it is one of the best options that exist. nowadays to start a couple's pregnancy, both being female and thus forming their own family. 

maternidad compartida parejas lesbianas

Being biological mothers

The ROPA method is the option to become the biological mothers of our children, it is completely a safe method, with high percentages of achieving a successful pregnancy and thanks to its procedure, both are part of the process.Achieving having a child in a couple of women that is biological having our traits, for many it is something that would seem impossible, but the reality is that this dream is already tangible and it is time that you can live a complete experience of pregnancy and know that you are going To have a biological bond with the little one, makes it a very demanded method in these times.

Both participate in the process

The ROPA method, makes mention in its acronym of reception of eggs from the couple, consists of a process within which, the couple must decide what position they will maintain within it, one member of the couple will be in charge of donating the eggs and for another On the other hand, your partner will take care of receiving the fertilized eggs, thus carrying the pregnancy inside your womb.

For this reason, both are active participants in pregnancy, forming an essential part of achieving a successful pregnancy.

In general, before making the decision about who will carry the pregnancy and who will donate the eggs, the specialist will carry out different tests, in order to determine the state of your health and the state of your fertility. In this way, the specialist is in charge of offering them an accurate and complete overview, offering them the best option when carrying out the development of the pregnancy, in order to increase the chances of success.

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Success rates

In order to estimate the success rate of the ROPA method, there are different factors that can decrease or increase or the success rate.The data that are always taken into account are usually:

  • The quality of the eggs.
  • The habits of the couple.
  • If they do any physical activity.
  • The age at which they want to be pregnant.
  • The state of the uterus where the embryo will implant.

However, even if not all and each of these factors are met, it has an average of 80 to 90% success, which makes it one of the procedures with the best success rates.

Another benefit is that they have CELAGEM , where they take care of the commitment to provide you with all the advice, help and planning, to be able to carry out a successful pregnancy. Being a recognized clinic, it has high quality standards and maintains a rigorous study of each of its patients, managing to carry out the reality that they can start a family.

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Why choose the ROPA method