Many people have the desire and dream of having a child, taking that first step of forming a family, either personally or with your partner, but due to different circumstances, whether medical or personal, that dream is on hold, you have proposed several times out of fear or because you have not found a way to fulfill it, but after thinking about it so much, you have already made the decision to make it happen, in the XXI century with so much scientific and technological advance, you put yourself in the task of looking for possible alternatives that They exist today to be parents.

Thus, you find a world of possibilities to fulfill your dream and you find a word that fits what you are looking for, the surrogacy . but what is it?, Why choose surrogacy ?; surrogacy is used especially as a method of fertility when couples have a problem with sterility , any medical conditions, or same-sex couples who have a desire to start a family with their own genetic material .

"In modern times, in the United States from the second half of the 20th century … the use of assisted reproduction methods began, the In Vitro Fertilization IVF , which consists of the union of an ovum and a sperm in the plate in a laboratory, that is, outside the mother's body for its subsequent implantation in the uterus under its acceptance. "

For this reason choose the surrogacy is one of the best alternatives in the process of fertilization , because you will not be oblivious to the cause and you will always be involved in the realization of fulfilling your dream, you will have the professional accompaniment of experts who will help you take that first step, they will guide you with the best option, you will take the position of being a father intentional and if it is the case of opting for a surrogate mother , which will be part of the entire process of fertilization and the birth of the baby, therefore it is not an issue that is taken lightly, you have to be informed and willing to look for the best options and opportunities that the specialist can offer you to that the whole process is perfect and meets your expectations.

Surrogacy is available to anyone who wishes to start a family and due to various medical or other situations the process has been a bit difficult. But today with so many studies and specialists it is possible that you can choose a method that is according to your needs and you can start this beautiful process of being parents.

To have more tools and that you can make the best decision, below, we will expose three types of situations in which the surrogacy it is the most suitable method to start the process of being parents.


Surrogacy for same-sex couples

Is surrogacy It is for same-sex couples, who are looking for a baby and want to start a family, in this case a common agreement is reached with the couple, the sperm was chosen, an egg donor and finally a surrogate mother, who will carry the entire pregnancy process, all this is done with the support of the clinic, which will take the necessary samples for the entire process of the in vitro fertilization (IVF), which will be the method most consistent with the previously proposed need.

The surrogate mother You will always have the medical and psychological support and everything you need to have a calm pregnancy without major setbacks and of course, you will have the support of the couple who are in search of the baby.

Surrogacy for single men

Being single today and wanting to start a family is possible, this experience can enrich your life in different aspects, both personal and emotional, if you already have the desire to be a father and are looking for options, they can help you to do it. surrogacy , is the method that you can choose to fulfill your purpose.

What you need to know is that to start this process you need a consultation with the specialist, who will need a sample of your own sperm, a donor egg and a surrogate mother , which through in vitro fertilization, will be the carrier of the embryo that was previously fertilized and who will carry the pregnancy process until the day of the baby's birth. Without a doubt, you will always be involved in the process of becoming a single parent.


Surrogacy for heterosexual couples

This surrogacy It is intended for heterosexual couples who for several years have tried to be pregnant, but for some reason, either because infertility of the man or the woman, or some medical condition has not been able to achieve it, also in some cases where the woman has resorted to an irreversible contraceptive method such as tubal ligation and wants to have a baby again.

For these cases, surrogacy is an effective alternative for couples who have the desire to form or continue to grow their family, where the woman's ovum and the man's sperm are taken for the fertilization process and can give way to IVF , again with the woman or through a surrogate mother that she will carry the fertilized ovum if the woman is not able to carry it herself, it is important to know the different cases since each couple has different needs but always with the same objective; Be parents.


In the different three cases the surrogacy is one of the many alternatives that are shown to solve the problems of infertility that present themselves today, or for same-sex couples seeking to be parents. This method can meet the expectations of people who already want to acquire the role of being parents, take responsibility for raising that new member of the family, which will be a fundamental part of both personal and emotional development of the new parents and will be always part of the very life of the person.

It is important that if you have already made the decision to access this method, you take into account that it is possible for anyone who has the desire to bring life, in a responsible way and always committed throughout the process, since CELAGEM will accompany you from the beginning, with your entire team of doctors, specialists, sociological psychologists and legal psychologists, so that you have the peace of mind of fulfilling your dream of starting a family as you once thought and that it may be possible.

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Why choose surrogacy?