What you didn't know about the Pomeroy

The Pomeroy or Tubal Ligation, is one of the female sterilization techniques, which is most frequently scheduled worldwide, therefore, it is one of the most used.One of the advantages, which some couples do not usually know at first, is that there is a totally positive point in this technique, and that is that Pomeroy patients can reconstruct their tubes, also depending on the type of surgery that was performed.

Tubal Ligation is definitely the ideal technique, if you want to plan your pregnancy, the reason that this is your best option is that it is a 99% effective treatment.

The most used technique is performed using staples or rings, both of these techniques fulfill the function of exerting pressure to create an obstruction, so the ovum will not be able to be transported to the uterus, that is why it is a completely effective technique, in addition With this, you will not have to use contraceptive pills, avoiding all kinds of problems or alterations with your period.

consecuencias de una ligadura de trompas

What is the Pomeroy done for?

The term Pomeroy, refers to a surgical procedure with the sole purpose of performing a tubal ligation, in this way we manage to paralyze the communication of the fallopian tubes with the uterus and thus prevent a pregnancy from beginning at some point Therefore, the reason for this procedure is in order not to be able to get pregnant naturally.

On the other hand, treatment is recommended for those women between 40 and 50 years old, in addition to being a key treatment to avoid suffering from ovarian cancer.

It is a surgery without complications, where general or spinal anesthesia will be placed. The surgery lasts no maximum of 30 minutes, and during that time, it will block communication in the tubes.

Risks and complications

When you have the Pomeroy procedure, you can undergo various complications generated by different causes, which will be explained in detail:

  • In case of any complication, you can have an ectopic pregnancy, which is when the fertilized egg does not reach the uterus, causing severe discomfort, even if it is not treated in time it can be harmful to your life.
  • It is estimated that one in 200 women who practice this technique, manages to cross a small gap where the fertilized egg passes and becomes pregnant.
  • Being a surgery, there are certain risks, so that injuries to organs and tissues can occur due to the manipulation of surgical instruments.
  • Tubal ligation does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • In many cases, once the surgery procedure is performed, you will not be fertile so you will have to resort to other methods to get pregnant.

You must plan well and be very aware and safe before having this procedure, which can affect your fertility.

Possibility of getting pregnant

If you have already had your fallopian tubes tied and after a while, you decide that you want to get pregnant, you should keep in mind that it is a totally possible idea and the averages according to different estimates indicate that at least 50% have achieved a successful pregnancy.

Any positive result depends on different factors that can give you greater probabilities or on the contrary decrease them, for example, the age of the woman, the technique that was used in the surgery, the length of the tube that may remain and the surgeon's ability to do the surgery the right way.

Generally, once a woman has this procedure done and decides to get pregnant, she resorts to assisted reproductive methods such as in vitro fertilization. Being one of the treatments with a much higher rate of probability of getting pregnant, the data shows that the couple decides to do IVF rather than perform another surgery for the reversal of the fallopian tubes.

Can it be reversed?

If you've had the Pomeroy, but want to get pregnant naturally, you can have your fallopian tubes rejoined. The success rate will depend on the type of surgery you had.

For surgeries in which the procedures were Adiana or Essure, it is very likely that it is irreversible, on the other hand, if the procedure was performed with tubal rings or sterilization, you will have greater reversal successes

When you go to your doctor to indicate that you want to reverse Pomeroy surgery, they will most likely recommend other types of procedures to get pregnant, which give a better chance of pregnancy.

We recommend that if you are thinking of starting a pregnancy and you had the Pomeroy, go to our Celagem clinic, which can advise and guide you so that you can make the best decision.

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What you didn't know about the Pomeroy