What is the probability of twins with IVF?

Are you already thinking of giving place to a new member of the family? If the answer is Yes !, and the most successful method to give rise to pregnancy is in care reproduction treatments, such as In Vitro Fertilization; The question may arise as to what the probability of having twins as a result would be.

For this, we mention what would be the advantages and disadvantages of this type of pregnancy, its development in a natural and assisted way, as well as the embryo transfer process and the probabilities that they are identical twins.

Advantages and disadvantages of a twin pregnancy

Advantages of a Twin Pregnancy

We must bear in mind that a twin pregnancy will need more recurrent and special care and advice than an individual pregnancy. And we are going to tell you all those advantages that are clearly there and the disadvantages that can be found when having a twin pregnancy.

  • Twin pregnancy is a beautiful process

When you know that it will be a twin pregnancy, everything will change, and it is that for the better, knowing and feeling, that you are creating and forming two lives is something very beautiful that you will never forget, remember that not everyone can enjoy and feel it the way you will.

  • S it was twice the fun, love and affection.

And if having one is already something special and beautiful, imagine having two, it will be double the love, affection, laughter and moments that always as parents will have a special place to remember.

  • Being twins they will be more social and will learn to share faster.

It has been demonstrated by several investigations that twins are much more social and even learn to share at a younger age than those who are only children, even among themselves, when they develop new learning they want to teach each other, which generates a mutual growth and a beautiful bond between them.

gemelos y fecundacion in vitro
  • It will be easy to serve them and play with them.

Despite believing that having two twins is more complicated in practice than in theory, the truth is that the facts are different; By spending so much time together sharing, they have similar tastes, from food to family games, even between them they will spend hours playing which will give you time to do your earrings with total peace and especially listening to the laughter of your twins.

  • Greater attention when having a twin pregnancy.

When having a twin pregnancy the attention will also be directed towards you, and not only at the time of being pregnant but after the delivery, both from your partner, as friends and family and when your twins grow up they will give you double love and affection .

Disadvantages of a Twin Pregnancy

We find the great advantages of having a twin pregnancy, but there are also some disadvantages that we must consider and above all keep up to date in order to fully enjoy this great experience that will mark their lives.

We must know that multiple pregnancies are considered to be of greater risk for the reason that it is a much heavier burden for the mother, which could bring some complications, but this is reduced when you have trained personnel and especially if you go to the appointments that the specialist will assign you, some of the complications or disadvantages are:

  • Miscarriages.

Some women who have a twin pregnancy may suffer the loss of one or more fetuses.

  • Postpartum hemorrhage.

There may be a risk of bleeding, since the uterus is dilated in greater quantity Possibility of premature delivery.

There is the possibility of premature delivery, but you don't have to be alarmed when you go to the right place, at Celagem we have specialists who will be there throughout the process, allowing a safe and successful multiple pregnancy.

  • Gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes can cause a higher level of glucose in the blood, which ends up affecting your health and that of your babies.

  • Moderate or severe anemia.

In most pregnancies, we can find ourselves in a situation of anemia, that is, a decrease in the amount of proteins or hemoglobins in red blood cells.

  • Preeclampsia

You may suffer from hypertension, reaching a level that is difficult to control with regular medications.

  • The beginning will be a challenge.

We know that word impacts, but when we talk about challenge, we refer to the time we have to dedicate to them, both breastfeeding and changing diapers, attending them at all times, will be crucial. It may be difficult at first, but as the months go by, everything will fall into place.

You may think that they will be alone in this process or that they will not find the correct specialists, but there is a place that has what it takes to guide you from start to finish, and has everything you need to give you the security and confidence you need , our Celagem clinic has the technology and qualified personnel to provide the best care, obtaining positive results.

Pregnancy of twins naturally

The chances of having a twin pregnancy naturally worldwide are very low, by this we are not referring to something impossible, but if you want to try to be successful you must take into account several tips and advice that will help you increase the odds of having twins. But let's get to know what we mean by twins.

When we talk about having an identical twin pregnancy, internally in the mother's body, it is the moment when a single egg is fertilized by a sperm, which is going to divide into two different embryos, but maintaining the same genetics as a basis. Unlike twins, which is when two sperm fertilize two eggs.

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At the moment there is no exact conclusion to be able to conceive twins, but what has been achieved is to increase the rate of twin pregnancies when the mother follows some of the following tips, so it is in your plans to have twins, the most It is important that you go to a specialist clinic, which has what is necessary to guide you and achieve what you want so much.Here we leave you what you need to know:

  • Folic acid: Taking it may increase your chances of being able to have a twin pregnancy by up to 40%.
  • After forty years: For some, due to their age, they take it as something risky, but it is not when you have the experts on your side, at this age there is greater ovulation which increases the probabilities up to 20%
  • Milk and any of its derivatives: Both milk and its derivatives also increase the odds so it is something that you must have in your diet.
  • Birth control pills: It was shown that if you regularly take the pills and stop taking them and try, you have a high probability of having twins this for a time of three months, after the ninety days have passed, the probabilities will decrease.
  • What your heritage says: Both you and your partner, or some members of your family have had twins, will also increase your chances of being able to conceive them.

And the most important of all, consult with your doctor. It is best to perform a series of tests with which he will be able to give you the option that gives you the best results, both naturally, and using a treatment known for its results such as IVF.

If you still do not know where to go or have many questions that you cannot answer, your option is the Celagem Clinic, which is trained and has everything you need to provide you with the support and security you need in this important step that you are taking in your life and if you want to obtain the best results you must have the best qualified support by your side.

Twin Pregnancy through IVF

Speaking of in vitro fertilization, is a safe technique for assisted reproduction , which has been shown to increase the chances of having a twin pregnancy. To have a more exact figure, 60% of twin pregnancies worldwide come from this technique.

When performed under the technique IVF (In vitro fertilization), it is possible to have a successful twin pregnancy, which will be non-identical twins, they will not even have to be of the same sex and their facial features may be different. There is also a chance that an identical twin pregnancy can occur, but the odds are lower under this technique.

To make this a successful, safe and increasingly recognized and used process, specialists are responsible for promoting stimulation to produce a greater number of eggs and achieve a greater number of embryos which are implanted in the uterus under supervision and of According to the plans expected by the couple, so that they can achieve the desired pregnancy and, most importantly, that their expectations are made reality, since this method is very successful when they are with the correct specialists.

Embryo Transfer

Although it is not a high frequency probability, all embryo transfer has its risks, that is, although assisted reproduction methods have evolved in conjunction with science and technology, there are still some possibilities of a multiple pregnancy.

Knowing the pros and cons of a twin or multiple pregnancy, previously evaluated and analyzed with an expert, in conjunction with the desire and capabilities of the parents; we proceed with the transfer of certain embryonic quantities

In general, embryo transfer is influenced by the fertile status of the parents, age, conditions and reproductive capacity, so our Celagem Clinics are based on a set of selected treatments to favor each of the pregnancies in the case of any fertile problem female, male or both.

There are two techniques that increase the likelihood of a multiple pregnancy, the artificial insemination and the in vitro fertilization . As we mentioned earlier, the number of embryos transferred through IVF will be directly related to the fertility status of the couple.

The greater the difficulty, the center will seek a transfer of no more than 3 embryos, since the objective is clear, to achieve pregnancy, without forgetting the risk of a double pregnancy. In most cases, Clinics Celagem seeks the transfer of a single embryo, opting for the best in quality, reducing a large percentage of probabilities of having a multiple pregnancy.

In vitro fertilization embryo transfer can result in four scenarios:

  • A single pregnancy : A single fetus is obtained as a result, so it continues as a common pregnancy, without further prescriptions.
  • A dizygotic twin pregnancy : The result is two fetuses (Twins), they are two mature eggs fertilized by two different sperm, simultaneously. They will not share the same DNA and may be of the same or different sex.
  • A monozygotic twin pregnancy : the result is two fetuses (twins) that start from the same ovum, fertilized by the same sperm simultaneously. They share the same DNA and the same sex

And for greater knowledge there is the scenario in which a multiple pregnancy does not develop normally, its probability is associated with only one in 200 thousand births:

  • A Siamese Twins Pregnancy : the result is two fetuses (twins) whose bodies remain united during their development and birth. They share the same sex and DNA.

Probability of having Identical Twins.

Within the probabilities that exist for the pregnancy to give rise to Monozygotic Twins (of the same sex and DNA), both cases are appreciated where the conditions can be fully collected and thus achieve a desired twin pregnancy.And the same would happen in the absence of the conditions, and still present a monozygotic twin pregnancy (of identical twins).

The chances are increased when pregnancy occurs after:

  • Assisted reproduction: In the case of an assisted reproduction treatment such as In Vitro Fertilization, the probabilities increase, being by nature a percentage of 0.3% increased to 1% or 2.5% probability.
  • Previous twin pregnancy: statistically, the odds double once the first twin pregnancy occurs.
  • Genetic heritage: The existence of a multiple pregnancy in the family history is also an indication of probability.

Of all the conditions described above, the most effective is influenced by assisted reproductive treatment. At Celagem clinics We take care of each of our patients, knowing in depth their clinical history and need when assisting them.

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What is the probability of twins with IVF?