What is an intentional parenting?

Surrogacy is one of the assisted reproductive techniques, which is only used in couples or people who cannot gestate naturally or through another less complicated process. Being the pregnant woman, a third support for patients who want to start a family.

These patients, called intentional parents, are men or women who request and have the desire to be parents, but have difficulties that they cannot resolve on their own. It is summarized as a highly complex technique due to the legal and medical processes that must take place, up to and after birth. In addition, it is a restricted practice in many countries that classify it as outside the law where the surrogate belly . While in other countries, they only approve it under certain restrictions.

In general, they are treatments that have a high cost, and despite the high rates of effectiveness, there is in some cases the possibility of a failed attempt, as with all assisted reproduction treatment. Therefore, patients are advised to reserve 40% of the initial expenses, for possible eventualities.

This technique has the advantage in compared to adoption , that this population with reproductive disability, can still provide the genetic material and allow inheritance to be transcended to other generations. Also, surrogacy centers focus on the couple or person living the whole experience.

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In general, it is not the method visualized by thousands of people who go to this practice, however, it is the path that the adventure of parenthood provides them, from their birth. At Celagem it is important that the couple or person feel comfortable with their decision, and with the different stages of the process.

The gestation technique consists of a surrogacy agency , collect and examine the genetic material of the intended parents, to be fertilized until embryos are obtained that will be inseminated in the uterus of an intermediary (pregnant) woman, in order to carry the pregnancy until its birth.

The pregnant mother She will not have a genetic link with the child, and before being chosen she must undergo a series of medical and psychological tests. In order to be healthy and in conditions that allow it to gestate without possible alterations.

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You must also sign an agreement where you dissociate yourself from the rights that as a surrogate mother may incur in any disagreement with the intending parents, and the surrogacy center. The health of the pregnant woman is as important as that of the child, and the intended parents will be well informed of this, since they are properly aware in the contract, of all the expenses that must be paid month by month or in full, in order to protect food, clothing and medications that ensure a stable and safe pregnancy for the pregnant woman and the baby.

People who can have children by surrogacy are broken down into three important groups:

  • Heterosexual couples: Globally, they are the people who use this practice more frequently compared to the other groups. In fact, there are surrogacy agencies that specialize in these cases.

In most countries that approve the practice, the cause of infertility that leads them to use this practice must be justified with a medical report. The possibility of doing it for an aesthetic purpose is very scarce.

  • Gay couples: The most common is to find gay couples using this technique due to their natural inability to procreate, than couples of the same sex. This is because both women must be unable to carry the pregnancy. There is the case in which both also participate, this method is known as ROPA method (Reception of Oocytes from the Couple).
  • Single people: For these people in more difficult to get surrogacy agencies, being restricted to a greater extent than other groups of couples. In general, they must request a court ruling that explains the reasons why a single-parent family is being sought. In the case of men, it is similar to gay couples, requiring a egg donor and pregnant woman . In the case of women, it will only be granted if they do not have an alternative treatment.

The pregnant woman can appear altruistically at the different surrogacy agencies, seeking to help people with some disability, there are also caring women who volunteer because they really feel joy when they get pregnant.

The other group performs it for the economic benefit of labor, being in some countries tabulated amounts, so that the option is not marketed and women can, beyond altruism or remuneration. Know the true cause of which they are part.

For the intending parents it tends to be a difficult decision, recognizing that they will not carry the pregnancy in their own body, so it is a crucial moment. And it is taken as a last option, in which the greater good supposes the happiness of the encounter with the little one, which from the first day will be the responsibility of the intended parents.

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What is an intentional parenting?