Perhaps you have already collected much of the information necessary to carry out a request for reproductive assistance, however, it still requires clarification of everything necessary regarding what a surrogate is. Well, you are definitely in the best place to know this information, from the point of view of the intentional father and the incredible surrogate mother.

A surrogate pregnant woman is a wonderful woman who voluntarily offers to give her womb, replacing intentional homoparental parents or an intentional mother with the impossibility or difficulty of achieving conception or carrying the pregnancy to term.

This pregnant woman, as we mentioned before, must be totally voluntary, in addition, the only way for the experience to be totally legal and beautiful is for it to be a totally altruistic support, that is, that it does not seek or seek an absolute and interested remuneration to improve your financial resources.

This point is totally relevant, since the term "belly for rent" can be heard in different regions and countries, which does not refer to anything positive but to the commercialization of wombs or exploitation of women, evidently due to their low resources.

Although these points seem crude and precise, they must be clarified and controlled, since due to non-compliance with this important clause, many countries have not managed to specify an official or determining law.

In addition, it should be noted that there is a monetary compensation where it is established that the intended parents must take charge of the monetary value that said pregnancy entails, as are the expenses corresponding to it. In this regard, the volunteers have the total assurance that they are a fundamental part of this process and that they also have security within said process.

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to achieve all this through a clinical or healthcare reproduction center? Well the answer is yes. And it is that the best agencies and professional centers at the national and international level, have managed to attract and integrate these incredible women and volunteers, with the enormous willingness to allow other couples with different difficulties and conditions, to form their family.

Certainly it is a rigorous process, and within it, we can find various tests that these pregnant candidates must pass, in order to guarantee maximum safety and effectiveness in this experience, so that all physical conditions, psychology and emotional.


Who can be surrogate pregnant women?

In order to be part of this wonderful community of surrogate pregnant women, it is necessary to comply with all of the points mentioned below: Age of majority: The candidate must be of legal age, in addition to this, she must remain at the ages where the ovarian reserve It is in perfect condition, so that it can be an effective treatment and that the surrogate mother can go through the process without difficulty.

Being the mother of at least one child: The pregnant woman in the candidacy must have satisfactorily completed her experience with the pregnancy. So that she is fully familiar with this wonderful but difficult time and that she understands the importance of the intentional parent's desire to welcome their little one home.

Safe place of residence: It is important that the candidate is in a safe place, where her safety during the process is not impaired, and on the contrary, guarantees the best conditions for the pregnant woman and for the baby of the future parents.

Physical condition in excellent condition: Before being approved and included in the care program for intentional couples, the assisted reproduction agency guarantees a complete physical health examination of the pregnant woman.

Good psychological state: A quality surrogacy agency has a psychology department, where an interview is carried out where it will be possible to evaluate the mental and emotional state of the intended parents, as well as that of the pregnant woman.

Conditions or alterations at the genetic level: if the candidate has a disease such as STDs or substance use, so that it may affect the health of the fetus, she will not be able to complete the selection process.

What are the medical tests performed?

The surrogate mother must be checked with a complete medical history, so that her health status is visible and allows specialist doctors to verify that she has no difficulty in getting pregnant.

This type of examination with a complete medical history allows to evaluate if the future pregnant woman is not at risk from this voluntary and special act; We also certify the fact that there is no risk of contracting STD or transmitting it. Therefore, it is recommended that all women be screened for viral infections.


Psychological examination

Surrogacy agencies ensure that the process is as accurate as possible at each stage, therefore, it is important that a surrogate mother pass a prior psychological examination, in this way, it is possible to choose the right candidates without any doubt.

"This test aims to understand if we as candidates are for the right reasons or circumstances to make this process possible, from the beginning to the end, understanding that to offer this incredible opportunity to new parents, we must be totally healthy, under a good emotional and mental balance ”Our psychological tests are intended to support the two essential parts of this process, understanding the reasons, motives, circumstances and antecedents of each intentional father and each surrogate surrogate mother.
It is important to deduce that both parties have a correct conviction of the process that is about to begin, in addition, it is totally important, to have the maximum emotional support from the family, the partner or even some good friends.

In addition, this psychological help is another excellent channel for each parent and each surrogate mother, since it is a primary stage, which manages to expand the knowledge strictly necessary to understand this process.


How is the selection made?

The beginning of this meticulous selection consists of a complete informative talk, to then proceed with the medical and psychological examination. As well as an evaluation corresponding to the background of the candidates, avoiding bad habits that are dangerous for each future surrogate pregnant woman.

The results of each of our candidates being positive and successful, we proceed with a gynecological and ultrasound test. Which allows a much better evaluation of each fertile state of the candidates.

It should be noted that the surrogate mother must not intervene at the gamete level, that is, both the ovum and the sperm must be of origin of the intended parents, or failing that, it must be of origin, of one of the intended parents. together with the eggs or sperm of one or a donor, as the case may be.

But with respect to this last point, the reproductive assistance center performs, if possible, the best analysis of the choice of each candidate, so that even if the eggs of the surrogate pregnant mother are not used, the ideal is to search in the highest possible percentage, a candidate similar to the physical and emotional kinship of the couple.

¨It is a very complex issue, the fact that, although we as surrogate mothers do not compromise the genetic material of our body, there is an incredible connection or kind of energy that undoubtedly channels the baby from future parents, therefore, it is understandable all the protocol that is carried out in this and all the treatments¨

What happens after delivery?

After delivery, the fact that the intended parents, in addition to requesting treatment after a wait of more than 9 long months and also thanks to a genetic level fact, is established by law that they are formally parents of the baby.

Without a doubt it is the moment that every intentional father waits after months and months and although it is a complex issue, our great ally and surrogate mother, is seen in the fact of continuing under medical inspection, but nevertheless, it only achieves the satisfaction of making happy to a new family, and that thanks to that brave and honorable decision, a new child will grow up in a family where he was totally desired and expected for a long time.

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What is a surrogate mother?