Types of infertility

Infertility is the impossibility of starting a pregnancy, especially when it has been a long time having sex without the use of contraceptive methods, to define a long time we can clarify that a couple is considered infertile when it has been approximately two years without obtaining a successful result. According to various studies, it has been established that it affects 20% of couples who try to start a pregnancy.

The condition of having infertility does not affect the health and integrity of a person, but it can generate frustrations and insecurities. In many couples it is something that is proposed and planned, as a growth of the relationship and as a personal goal.

Being able to specify the reason for infertility is complicated, but there are 4 types of causes that affect most cases, such as:

  • Waiting a long time to decide to have children (advanced age)
  • Alcohol and tobacco are unfavorable factors since they decrease the quality of the semen
  • Different changes in sexual activity
  • Incorrect levels in hormones, which affects both men and women

Primary infertility

The term primary infertility is used for couples who have been sexually active for approximately one year 2 to 3 times a week and without success, which should be emphasized when it comes to this primary infertility , is to recognize through medical tests, which member of the couple has this condition. 

In women:

In women there are different causes that make them infertile, these circumstances are detected under medical examinations, among the causes that we can find:

  • A malformation of the reproductive organ.
  • Cancer in the ovary, cervix, or uterus.
  • That you are well above your normal weight.
  • Suffer from diabetes
  • Polycystic ovary.
  • Some cancer treatment.
  • Tobacco and alcohol vices.
  • Thyroid disease
  • Very old age.
infertilidad en hombres

In men:

Infertility in men has various causes, so it is important to always carry out preventive medical check-ups, cases may be due to a low number of sperm, there is little mobility of the same and problems to release them, and the possible causes of this condition can to be:

  • Different hormonal alterations.
  • Obesity.
  • Alcohol and tobacco addiction.
  • Suffering from erectile dysfunction.
  • Have a congenital problem.
  • Some medications that are consumed.
  • The temperature is elevated in the reproductive organs for a long time.
  • Come into contact with certain environmental pollutants.

Primary infertility can be treated once the results of the diagnosis are obtained, the first step is to have identified if the woman or the man or both have an infertility problem, based on these results, work will be done to determine the causes.

By having knowledge of the causes or the origin, we can start a treatment which can be a simple problem solved by education and counseling on sexuality and finally, assisted reproductive techniques will be necessary.

There are calculations that indicate that one of the five couples who are affected by primary infertility, manage to get pregnant, only with the advice, without resorting to any type of medicine or assisted reproductive methods.

Secondary infertility

Secondary infertility refers to couples who have already had a successful first child, but when they want to carry out another pregnancy, they do not succeed, this affects men and women equally.

The causes for which there is secondary infertility are.

infertilidad en mujeres
  • Age : Being one of the main causes, it is also not surprising that over time the fertility of the couple decreases.
  • First pregnancy problems : There are difficulties having been pregnant that can leave you infertile such as a blocked fallopian tube.
  • New couple: There are cases where the problem is not the person who wants to have a child again, but the new partner who has an infertility problem
  • A health problem that has just developed: Like diabetes or cancer, being exposed to radiation therapy can affect your fertility.
  • Excessive or very underweight, Both being over a few kilos and being under a healthy weight affect your fertility capacity.

The diagnoses and treatments for secondary infertility are the same as the primary one. The important thing is to carry out the studies so that the specialist can give you the solution to follow, such as advice, even the possibility of using an assisted reproduction method.

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Types of infertility