How many times can I be an intentional parent?

Forming a family is one of the most rewarding experiences that every human being can live, but for that you must have the ability to provide the child with the best family, economic and social environment that helps provide the best conditions in their development.

Most people know what it is to be pampered as the little one in the house, being the center of attention and venturing into the environment that surrounds them. But when you make the decision to bring a new family member into the world, you must learn to be parents and pamper them just as they did with all of us. The same happens for those intentional couples who plan in advance the arrival of the child.

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This is one of the advantages that many couples who opt for surrogacy have, they at the same time find the possibility of being able to choose, when to have them and all the financial planning that entails after the child is in the home of the intended parents.

When it comes to the care and first-time experience of having a baby, there is no difference between couples who can gestate naturally and those who must opt for surrogacy assistance. This stage is undoubtedly one of the most enriching for each family, however there are never any setbacks along the way and possible complications.

And more than looking for the possible negatives to each process or the limitations that they must face as intentional parents, the most important thing is to take the path that allows them to achieve their goal as intentional parents.

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Surrogacy agencies are committed to having intended intended parents involved in the process, from the day they make the decision. Taking into account that in the first dates an interview should be carried out, where the causes of why the couple or the single person are known, make the decision to become parents.

The reason can be really redundant, however, knowing the motives that each couple has at the time of starting the surrogacy, allows you to connect with the expectations of the intended parents, and offer real-time information about the entire process that it entails.

Most of the couples who consult us on a daily basis, are newcomers and often have a perspective of what they want without knowing what the protocol will be like and the different processes that must go through. We must be fully aware that it is a decision that must be considered with maturity and responsibility. In this way, the number of children that can be born with artificial help will depend on several factors.

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Couples who become intentional parents can be so as many times as they wish, under certain conditions and taking into consideration that each child must have a comfortable life and their growth is not affected.

The number of children that can be born with artificial help will depend on several elements, just as multiple pregnancy also involves a series of eventualities different from those of a pregnancy with a single embryo.

Surrogacy, as it is an approved subject in some countries with certain restrictions, leads surrogacy agencies to have a strict policy in order not to affect the cause they defend, which is: "Offer couples from all over the world the possibility of being parents and that their children have biological information of the intended parents ”.


Surrogacy is a practice that has caused a lot of excitement among the population, hence the need to safeguard both the surrogate mother and the child she will carry.

Studying the conditions in which the new member of the family will be received is not a matter of regulating the population or minimizing the wishes of the couple, it is above all to protect the new identity of the child and its development in the environment.

Countries like Colombia, because they do not have legislation that approves or restricts the practice, takes care of their legal and medical policy. Studying each couple to avoid any illegal practice with the baby or any abuse after their birth.

The future intending parents must plan how many children they want to have and the economic possibilities that are needed, and not only during the surrogacy process, but also to provide the medical service and time available to the child, during their growth.

Surrogacy processes are expensive, and can increase if the couple decides to have twins. Knowing the plans you have and the payment methods will help you have full knowledge and make the best decision that suits each one.

At Celagem, we make sure that the couples' family plans are in line with their financial availability, and the time that each child can receive. For which we realize to guide them, not only in the surrogacy process but also in the later stages and conditioning of the home.

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When it comes to being parents, we have all gone through some of these stages of uncertainty, which no one really prepares or alerts us to. And if they have given us any advice, it is never the same as living it on our own, due to all that it entails and is different.

It is very important to connect with an agency that assures us both in legal and clinical processes. And at the same time that the surrogacy process is finished, provide tools that allow all people to enjoy this new stage with health.

Intentional parents will never be able to insure all eventualities that arise. However, bringing a new member to the family will involve experiences that will be really positive, but will be part of a much greater cause, which is living the process of being parents and building a home, sowing love and education.

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How many times can I be an intentional parent?