The 5 stages of the ROPA method

What is the ROPA method?

The ROPA method is the stable solution for women with a fertility problem associated with the homoparental environment. Its objective is for female couples to become mothers and for both to be active and biological participants in the growth of their future child; One will be in charge of giving her eggs and the other mother will be the one who will carry the baby in her womb.

The process is carried out under in vitro fertilization, a totally known and safe method. The egg is chosen which will be fertilized with the donor's sperm (studied under rigorous processes to obtain the best results), once this process is finished, the embryo with the best conditions is taken, for transfer to the uterus of the Mother who will carry the baby. .

This is a process that allows a real pregnancy experience for each patient, from the beginning.

Donor ovarian stimulation

Stimulation of the ovaries is the main step to carry out an assisted reproduction method, such as in vitro fertilization. This process is responsible for imitating the natural cycle of ovarian maturation but on a large scale, which generates more possibilities of maturation of the ovarian follicles, to be more successful in the assisted reproduction process.

This method consists of 3 fundamental steps, focused on the highest probability of success:

  • The first step is to apply drugs that will block the hormonal flow, their purpose will be to keep the ovaries at rest.
  • Follicular development is responsible for making all the follicles synchronize and that they all manage to grow at the same time until they reach a corresponding size.
  • The final follicular maturation is through an injection with the drug that contains the HCG hormone, and in this way, successfully achieve that the ovules mature correctly.
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Oocyte extraction

It is a quick process, used with transvaginal ultrasound and by which the eggs will be extracted. The procedure is performed using an ultrasound probe, which allows the follicles to be found.With this support, a needle is inserted to reach the follicles in which all the eggs will be safely extracted, because the needle has specialized suction equipment attached to it.  

Fertilization of the ovules.

The fertilization of the ovum is carried out under the assisted reproduction method In Vitro Fertilization, which is carried out in a laboratory dish, since the meaning of in vitro is outside the body.The process involves placing the donor sperm close to the egg for insemination to occur. In case the professional believes that there is a low probability of insemination, he will choose to inject the sperm directly into the egg.

The steps after fertilization and the formation of an embryo is to remain under extraneous surveillance to measure and verify progress, which must be constant. In about 3 to 5 days, it will be ready to be placed inside the mother's uterus.

Hormonal treatment of pregnant women.

According to several studies, one of the causes of infertility are alterations in hormones, between 30% or 40% of women fail to conceive due to this inconvenience, so having a treatment is very beneficial and above all effective.

Before applying the treatment, it is necessary to resort to a medical examination, to analyze how they are in general, but on time so that the gynecologist can know their state of health. In the event that no problem is found that may affect the patient's health, treatment is started.

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This can begin from the third to the fifth day from the beginning of menstruation, the gynecologist will decide what will be the route by which the treatment will be applied, which can be through pills or by injection of hormones, once this treatment is started it is It is very important to go to all the appointments that are assigned to you, to be able to monitor how the ovum is maturing and what the response of your body has been.

Otherwise, if the gynecologist does not see a maturation effect, he will choose to inject the corresponding hormones directly into the ovum so that it can mature correctly.

It is a totally effective method, on average 1 in 3 women manage to get pregnant through this means, it is important to know that the variants that exist so that the treatment can be more successful and achieve pregnancy are age, the type of alteration hormonal that may suffer and the current state of health of the patient.

Embryo implantation

This process is done after doing the IVF method. Once the ovum is fertilized and between 3 to 5 days have elapsed, the implantation is carried out.

Placing the embryo in the mother's uterus, it will seek to adhere to the wall of the uterus, and continue its way until it penetrates the interior, so that the placenta begins to form, and thus be able to continue its development process. From this moment, checks must be carried out to verify the status. 

After finishing each stage:

Finishing each stage of the ROPA method means that you are only days away from taking your pregnancy test. And once the blood test is done, and the detection of the hormone is achieved, you will be in the sweet waiting of having your biological child in your arms.

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The 5 stages of the ROPA method