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What are the pregnancy symptoms if I have Pomeroy?

The Pomeroy or tubal ligation, consists of a technique used mainly as a family planner. It is an efficient method to prevent pregnancy and it may be that some women seek to reverse it later, the causes are usually diverse, such as a new marital relationship or a change in the woman. 

However, in some patients it is achieved satisfactorily and in other cases not, this has a certain dependence depending on the conditions in which the fallopian tubes are found after a medical evaluation.

The theory about the Pomeroy explains that it is not a reversible technique, but practice has shown otherwise. It is estimated that of all the cases where the reversal of this treatment was performed, out of 100%, at least 50% managed to get pregnant naturally.

As we know, the fertilization of the ovum originates in the fallopian tubes, the reversal being a process where the tubes that were originally tied are rejoined. Not all procedures are reversible, and in many cases the age and skill of the specialist are critical aspects that will make a successful reversal possible.

So many couples or mothers are presented with a more effective technique than reversal, known as in vitro fertilization . Being an assisted reproduction treatment that compared to reversal, it is more likely to generate a successful pregnancy.

Symptoms you will have if you have pomeroy

The symptoms that you will have if a pregnancy occurs after a reversal will be exactly the same as those of a natural pregnancy. It will not really change anything, the body reacts in the same way and it will evolve like any pregnancy. So we show you the symptoms that most future mothers have:


They usually occur when you get out of bed, which can lead to vomiting.There is no scientific information on the cause, but it is observed that not all women have this symptom.

Absence of menstruation

Especially if you are still in your childbearing years, it is the first symptom and a clear sign of pregnancy. There are some cases where women do not realize it due to irregular periods.

Swelling and tenderness in the breasts

When you are pregnant, your body begins to prepare to feed the baby, so your breasts will begin to grow and a symptom linked to this is a sensitivity when rubbing the nipple with any material or tight garment.


Your body will begin to increase the amount of blood that passes through your veins, and together the heart rate will begin to increase. So your body will require more time to rest.

The Pomeroy technique does not affect or alter the symptoms that we may have in the development of a natural pregnancy, so when we get pregnant it will be completely natural. There is no associated risk between Pomeroy and pregnancy.

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What are the pregnancy symptoms if I have Pomeroy?