It is the most appropriate alternative for couples or single people who have not been able to have a child, despite trying several times the results have not been as expected, it is for this reason that an assisted reproduction technique arises, which allows dreams to be fulfilled of thousands of people, who have sought in many ways to achieve the desire to have a family .

Thanks to the various advances over several years, reproductive medicine makes the dream of many people come true, through effective treatments to solve fertility problems, which is one of the many problems that people face when having their own child. .

In this way, surrogacy plays a fundamental role in solving the different cases that arise in people when deciding to have a family, and have to resort to treatments to achieve this objective, surrogacy is affordable for all people, since that has various methods capable of solving the needs of each couple.

What is uterine surrogacy

Uterine surrogacy or surrogacy, as it is commonly called, is one of the ways that couples or single people have used, when they cannot naturally have a child, either for fertility, medical or medical reasons. same-sex couples . It is carried out through a woman who will take the role of surrogate mother, who is the one who will carry the pregnancy of the couple who have started the treatment.

The woman will only be in charge of carrying the embryo in her womb, since she will not be the carrier of her own eggs, in this way the embryo will be fertilized by the couple's gametes or it is also the case that the embryo is formed with the genetic material of any of parents and require to use the donation either ovules or semen depending on the case.

For this type of surrogacy, the in vitro fertilization , which is carried out with the samples from the parents, such as the semen and the egg donor if applicable, to initiate the fertilization of the embryo that will be transferred to the uterus of the surrogate mother, who will carry the pregnancy process and later after after delivery, you can deliver the baby to the future parents.

Que es la subrogaci贸n uterina
suborogacion uterina - Surrogacy

Surrogacy for gay couples

In the homosexual couples surrogacy It is the best alternative to having a child. To start the process, a surrogate mother is necessary who will carry the couple's pregnancy, in this way it is also required an egg donor and the semen sample of one of the two men, and then through in vitro fertilization, it is given the creation of the embryo and it can be transferred to the uterus of the surrogate mother who will carry the pregnancy and delivery, and then deliver the baby to the parent couple .

Thus, same-sex couples can make the dream of being parents possible, through the method we mentioned above, and be part of that beautiful process, that they carry out the treatment and can testify to the success of their own process and thus can help. to more couples who are also in search of the same dream.

First steps

When you start looking for possible alternatives to access fertility treatments, with the sole purpose of being able to have a child, it is necessary that you take into account the following steps to make your search easier and easier:

  • Consult all the treatments that suit your needs.
  • Select the surrogacy agency.
  • Find out how trustworthy the agency is.
  • If you have agreements with clinics.
  • Visit the agency, if possible, or use the communication channels provided by the agency.
  • Meet the doctors and specialists, check their studies.
  • Look for testimonials from other people

Through these first steps, they will help you decide with more autonomy and confidence to take the second step, such as starting treatment safely and with the certainty that it can be successful.

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Altruism and surrogacy

When a woman decides of her own free will, to help people and couples, to fulfill the dream of having a family and becomes a surrogate mother , first has to go through specific requirements of the agency, which is the one in charge of choosing women, who meet certain requirements such as age, health, physical and mental, so that they can voluntarily access to carry on their belly the pregnancy of a couple who want to do it.

In this way, women who are part of this type of surrogacy do so altruistically, since they do not do it for financial compensation, but to help couples realize the dream of having a family.

surrogacy altruist subrogacion altruista

How long can a surrogacy process take?

You have to know that it is a long process, from the moment you start with the search for the clinic, you know it, you start with the most appropriate treatment for your case, the moment to leave the samples of your genetic material, the fertilization and embryo transfer , waiting for the beginning of the pregnancy, if the treatment worked, so that later you wait nine months to meet your child.

As you can see, it is a process that has many steps, which are necessary and that you must follow them rigorously, so that the treatment is successful and you can have the joy of have your child in your arms The whole process can last more than a year, in which you will always be a participant and you have to have a lot of patience to reach your goal of having a family.

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Why choose Colombia in surrogacy

Colombia has always been at the forefront in terms of surrogacy issues, since science and medicine have not been oblivious to the problems that exist in the world, doing what is necessary to be aware of and solve the difficulties that human beings have . For this reason Colombia is a good place for you to access surrogacy , since it is a practice that can be carried out in the country safely and under a legal framework that allows it.

Also for having affordable prices, having a long experience in fertility methods, for having recognized clinics and agencies that have been dedicated exclusively to issues of Assisted reproduction , in which the processes have been successful and reliable both for people who live in the country and for foreigners. Colombia welcomes all the people who want to fulfill the dream of having a family.

suroogacy in colombia - Suborgaci贸n en Colombia

How to choose the surrogacy agency

Surrogacy agencies are specialized in all assisted reproduction processes, therefore, it is in charge of connecting future parents to fertility treatments depending on the case of each couple, it is important that the moment you start looking the different agencies can access the information of the same and manage to find opinions of other people, who have already gone through the same process.

Keep in mind the following points to choose a good agency:

  • Find a national or foreign agency.
  • The experience of the agency.
  • The number of clients they have.
  • Success rates in each treatment.
  • Legal contacts.
  • If they work with nationals and internationals.
  • If they have lawyers and they comply with the laws of the country.
  • The agreements you have with clinics.
  • The services it offers and the additional ones.
  • Know the costs.
  • If they have a database of donors either eggs or semen.
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In this way you can choose an agency that meets your requirements, that generates confidence and if you can visit the agency, so that you can know first-hand the entire work team, the professionals, who can help you, giving you all the required information and can solve your doubts.

Finally, surrogacy is a wide field that is always available to people who access it to solve their fertility problems and want to start a family, Celagem is a clinic that is in line, with all those questions that you may have in the When accessing the treatments, they have a great experience and offers you various ways to solve your problems, do not hesitate to look for us and learn about our guaranteed programs.

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