One of the biggest concerns that we observe in patients is the little or erroneous information they have about the surrogacy process for intentional parents and how it is carried out. So we propose to offer you a general and fairly concise overview of the new family, which will clarify any doubts regarding this practice.

And is that despite being a process not necessarily "new", its rise has increased in recent years, resulting in a very controversial issue for various societies or people. Therefore, as a specialized program, it is our responsibility to introduce and disprove false myths or social beliefs, to give more couples or single people the opportunity to decide to become intentional parents.

padres intencionales

Definition of Intentional Parents

An IP or intentional father is a person or couple, who for various reasons decides to resort to a human assisted reproductive technique to become parents. The word intentional refers to the conscious and meditated act of carrying out the pregnancy with a person outside the personal bond. It is also known as a surrogate belly, although it is not necessarily the appropriate way to call it, due to the use of a commercial connotation.

It is not an easy treatment to carry out when it comes to a surrogacy process for intentional parents, in terms of the legal and medical bases that support it, it is necessary to have a program that can cover the needs of the process at all times and with a vast experience in the legal framework of the chosen country.

However, it is a method in high demand today by various couples or single people, who cannot conceive a baby on their own, the most significant reason is that the intentional father has the opportunity to transfer genes to the baby, interesting A plus with respect to other practices, such as adoption or co-parenting.

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What requirements must an intentional parent have?

We will mention the general requirements that a surrogacy program needs to start the process, but we remember that each country may vary in regulations and conditions, so it is best to check with the chosen center, so that you know the entire route and the requirements to consolidate.

In general, it is essential to divide the requirements into 2 phases, the legal and medical requirements.

Legal processes:

  • Financial certificate: Future parents must ensure with evidence that they have the financial availability and stability to offer a decent quality of life to the new member.
  • Subrogation contract: Patients must sign a contract claiming their responsibility in all phases of the treatment and the economic regularization of the treatment, which can be divided into different installments, depending on the agency.
  • Minimum age: Patients must be at least 25 years old in order to opt for surrogacy. Although the majority of patients tend to be directed between the ages of 30-45 years, and a maximum of 52 years, or failing that, a close family nucleus younger than this age.
  • Present the bond with the couple: In the case of a couple, they must issue a marriage certificate, whether the union is heterosexual or homosexual. If the person is single, the facts that lead him to make the decision to consolidate a single parenthood must be known.

Medical process:

  • Medical tests: Intended parents must undergo various tests in order to ensure their physical and psychological health. The agency must ensure that the father has the conditions to protect the minor, in addition to verifying the status of the genetic material of the patients, to be used in the in vitro fertilization phase.

It is true that many agencies only use surrogacy in situations where there is no other way of gestation (in the case of a heterosexual couple), but the impossibility does not mean that the genetic material is defective.

An example is the pathologies of the uterus, which do not allow a woman to get pregnant, in this case she can also donate her genetic material so that the baby has a part of her genetic expression.

  • Medical certificate of impossibility: Most countries restrict the practice for people who by no other mechanism can carry out the pregnancy, that is why it is mandatory to show a medical document that ensures the impossibility of pregnancy. In the case of homosexual couples or single patients, this step is omitted, since the impossibility is biological.
  • Psychological tests: Just as medical tests are carried out, patients upon entering and during the process can be subjected to different examinations that verify mental health to carry out the treatment and care of the minor. Many agencies understand that knowing the inability to gestate can be a painful moment and a change that was not planned at all.
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How many times can I be an intentional parent?

There is no limit to the number of times that surrogacy can be chosen, as long as the couple has the conditions and the responsibility to look after the child.

In general, it is not observed more than 3 times that the couple or person goes to a surrogacy agency, to carry out the treatment, because the age of the patients tends to exceed 52 years.

After that age, the majority of the population has the desire to live the experience of having children. And the unfortunate thing about this stage is that it has been proven that as the age of the patients increases, the possibility of being mothers or fathers decreases, with a large number of children.

On the other hand, some couples choose to attend twin treatment. If the agency has the resources and expertise, a pregnancy with more than two embryos to increase the rate of a twin pregnancy, a very positive possibility, for those couples who want double entry.
Other couples decide to freeze the genetic material, in order to undergo the practice at some other time. Today there are various ways and solutions for different couples in society, offering them another opportunity to form a family and enjoy the experience of being parents without restrictions.

If it is the case of both, carry out your interview immediately for the surrogacy process for intentional parents, with professionals or centers that offer a complete service. Such is the case of Clinicas Celagem, an assisted reproduction center that offers multiple services and immediate care, making the dream of the whole family possible.

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Surrogacy Process for Intentional Parents