Is marriage not an option for you right now? Haven't you found the ideal partner? Don't worry, the options to become a father, being single, are possible and varied, And it is totally feasible thanks to social and legal changes, which each day offer a range of possibilities.

However, this fact does not occur in the same way in the different countries of the world, but, even so, it does not mean the end of fatherhood for men, since, as we mentioned, there are different ways that allow you to live this pleasant experience, like a single man.Adoption, co-paternity and surrogacy are the three ways that a man has to choose from when he decides to form a single-parent family (there is only one father or mother figure, depending on the case) and we are going to briefly explain each one of them. and the reasons that lead many men to prefer surrogacy, being the most demanded option in recent times.


It is the disposition of a couple that does not have a legal and sentimental relationship, there is only the commitment to raise the child during its growth. It can be viewed as a divorce, and those involved share the baby's medical, social, and financial responsibilities. The reasons that can lead a man to make this decision are not only due to infertility, sometimes the father does not have enough time to cover the needs that may arise.The responsibilities are long-term and it is important to maintain communication and the commitment of both parties before starting treatment, since the future of the child depends on the decisions of both.

National or international adoption:

If you watch a movie or program where you have to see an adoption process, you will surely see the parents enter and after 2 minutes they leave with the adoption approval and feelings on the surface. Well, there is nothing further from the truth when we focus on these scenes.

There are several prerequisites that must be consolidated to make it possible, in addition to the restrictions that you may have if you decide to do it as a single man, since some agencies only allow adoption if it is a single mother. Adoption is certainly an incredible option, but you should consider all the phases before deciding.The reason why adopting can take up to 3 years (in addition to the documents) is that the adoption agency has to make sure that you can provide a decent and safe home for the child, in addition to that there is a waiting list to evaluate each case. The time? It will depend a lot on the country.

subrogacion y hombres solteros


This is the most outstanding point of the article, because it is our intention that you know about surrogacy, as an option to have a child and that it is possible to do it as a single man.Increasingly, the population of single parents is increasing and surrogacy agencies perceive how the technique is popularized. But, the question would be …

Why among the 3 treatments and processes to be a single parent choose surrogacy?

The first two treatments take an enormous amount of time and depends on factors external to the future father, a time that cannot be measured since each adoption agency is different and in the case of paternity, it will be a matter of finding the person who will share the rights and responsibilities of the minor.

In the case of surrogacy, the time will be that of an average pregnancy (9 months) and the preparations for the pregnancy and previous exams (1-6 months). The particularity of surrogacy is that the son will share the biological genes of the single father, this fact increases the enthusiasm of many men, who have the opportunity to pass on the genes to their future baby. 

  • A relationship between the pregnant woman and the patient is not necessary.
  • An egg donor room is used for the in vitro insemination phase.
  • Among the 3 techniques, surrogacy has become relatively simpler and more personal for men who choose to do it on their own (patient privacy is respected).

Advantages of being a single parent

The reasons that lead a man to make the decision to be a single father are infinite, but many times it can be a challenge for some (to the point of doubting their dream) due to the social ideals that are presented, being the family represented by the father, mother and children, as a responsibility in itself, very great for both. 

Being a father comes full of responsibilities and a world that is impossible to measure and idealize without the setbacks that we all know, so, if it is possible to raise and offer a good foundation to the baby as a single parent.

In fact there are certain advantages, which we offer you below:

subrogacion y padres solteros
  • You have the complete tutoring of the minor, you have no limitations to educate your child and offer him the best tools to grow.
  • Being a single parent family, you teach them to be more receptive with your example, to accept that there are different forms of family and none is the right one, but that all are possible. To create a society with rights.
  • The parent-child connection is special, and you don't have to make up your mind to choose when it comes to asking or trusting, you have only one figure to lean on and believe in.
  • The single father's efforts are taken more seriously and confidently, and the son tends to be more independent and responsible in his decisions.

It does not mean that a single parent does not have its disadvantages, everything in life is not exactly one color or another, since it has nuances and single parenthood has its disadvantages regarding the time and difficulties that you will experience.

However, we believe that it is possible and many parents have raised great women and men of value on their own, you are not, nor will you ever be the exception, let nothing limit you.

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