There are several methodologies and options for each couple who decide to go to another level, consolidating a new family. The couples that make up society today can be heterosexual, homosexual and there is also the option, for men or women independent of a couple or single.

Although there are adequate treatments for each situation, some options may not be viable for everyone, be it for health reasons or for natural reasons, such is the case of homoparental couples. In these terms of surrogacy, if the couple is of two men, the options to enjoy paternity must be summarized in adoption or surrogacy, through assisted reproduction techniques, either by in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination.

If, on the other hand, the couple is made up of both members of the female sex, they have clearer and cheaper options, since the woman in that case should only receive sperm from a donor. You can request a pregnant mother outside the couple or the couple can even assume the pregnancy.

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As a homoparental couple you may have important doubts, about what the process would be like, the options and much more, here we tell you everything:

Does any country allow surrogacy, with homoparental couples?

No, there are many countries where it is not legal or accepted this type of treatment in homoparental couples, the case where you can receive more support is the couple made up of two women, while for the couple made up of two men, the list of Possible destinations and options are reduced to a few countries or states that allow it. One of the best destinations is Colombia, the only country that allows you a perfect location, since the location of these institutions is centralized in that country.

The expenses involved in the trip to perform the treatment are low, since Colombia has excellent prices for accommodation, excellent weather, a tourist attraction so that you can relax while waiting for the process and has professionals and experts in the different institutions that you provide security in the medical, advisory and legal areas.

Subrogacion en parejas homoparentales

Is treatment more expensive in homosexual couples?

The treatment in pairs of two women, the treatment is within the average prices, since the woman can choose to deliver the eggs for fertilization and in most cases the other couple is the one who is the pregnant mother of the baby, a common case that generally maintains the same budgets.

On the other hand, if the treatment is for a gay couple depending on the technique requested or the one that is determined adequate within the treatment, these techniques may be of an average price or their cost be a little higher, this also depends on the country in which which they decide to carry out the treatment.

What steps must be taken during the surrogacy process?

The surrogacy process involves a series of steps where it is best to do it with professional help:

  1. The couple must request and choose the surrogate mother for the process.
  2. Most of the pregnant women are not a donor of their own eggs, so they must find an egg donor.
  3. The sperm sample of the intentional father must be delivered to the clinic that assumes the case.
  4. Then we proceed with in vitro fertilization thanks to the collection of the female gamete (ovum) and the male gamete (sperm).
  5. The embryo transfer proceeds.
  6. The development of pregnancy begins to culminate in childbirth.
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Genetic relationship with the baby, can this be possible?

The answer is yes, it is totally possible in surrogacy, thanks to this technique, homoparental couples mostly decide to choose to form their own family, through surrogacy methods. This is a point in favor of this technique, which presents an obvious difference from adoption, which takes a long time to finalize its legal procedure and the child does not have a kinship or genetic material from the parents.

Can both parts of the couple contribute their genetic material?

Certainly, for the biological relationship they want to maintain with their baby, parents of the same sex can access two ways in their procedure with surrogacy.

In the male couple:

  • Only one contributes the genetic material: for this decision it is important to evaluate the mutual agreement of the parents and the health status or quality of their semen for this treatment. Therefore, the donor's eggs will be fertilized by the biological father selected in the agreement, where it is subsequently transferred to the baby's pregnant mother. This technique is the most conventional, however, some couples choose to make this process more surprising and fun for the process.
  • When both in the couple contribute the genetic material: This option is the one that allows both parents to be surprised when the baby is born since neither will know who the father of the baby will be. In this option the same happens, but with both parents, they must contribute their sperm, which will be processed by fertilization with half of the donor's eggs, for each one. Depending on the quality of the embryo, it will be transferred to the pregnant mother to carry the pregnancy.

In the female couple:

  • In this case, artificial insemination is commonly used, thanks to the sperm donor, this technique is the most conventional in female couples.
  • Another option for the female partner is that the woman can be an egg donor but not the pregnant mother, so that both can participate in the pregnancy process.
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At Celagem we take into consideration the right and freedom that each couple has to form their own family, we offer you excellent quality of service and advice for the planning and execution of the new process that each couple will initiate for the surrogacy method, be it homoparental, single or As a heterosexual couple, have the best experience of becoming intentional parents with us.

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Surrogacy in homoparental couples