At a certain moment in life the human being begins to trace his life, focuses on his tastes, passions, creates links, studies, works, does countless things for his personal development, but also comes the time to want to start a family , organize a space for him, his partner and his future child, what would be the raising of his own children, if he will have one or more, the successes and mistakes that this may have, what life will be like with a new member who of course it will transform your world forever.

For this reason, the traditionally constituted family has had several changes throughout history, and one of them is the formation of a family with two parents, that is, a couple of two men who are looking for a way to have a child. One of the many roads that one homosexual couple It can take is adoption, it is one of the many alternatives that will be found, but in the same attempt they realize that it is not possible, due to the infinity of requirements that must be met and it may take years trying without being successful, no it means that it is not possible, but it is a long, expensive, exhausting and patient process.

A second alternative is the surrogacy , that many couples today take it as the first option, since it is a treatment closer to the couple, because it will allow 50% of the genetic traits of the man, who contributes his sperm and 50% of the egg donor, in order to have a genetic link with the baby.

In this process, one of the two men has the opportunity to contribute their own genetic material, through a sample of their sperm, an egg donor and a woman who will take the role of the surrogate mother To start the pregnancy process, all this through a specialized clinic who will be in charge of the entire procedure, for a proper and effective pregnancy and the baby can be delivered to his parents without major setbacks.

Surrogacy process

In order for homosexual couples to have a safe and effective treatment, they must consider the following steps:

  • It begins with the search for a clinic specialized in fertility treatments,
  • Semen sample from either parent.
  • Choice of egg donor.
  • Meet the surrogate mother.
  • Signature of the agreements and the treatment to be carried out.
  • After selecting the eggs and sperm, the samples are taken to the laboratory.
  • It gives way to in vitro fertilization.
  • The specialist will be in charge of implanting the embryo in the uterus of the surrogate mother and who will carry the entire pregnancy.
  • It ends with childbirth. Parents must always be present throughout the gestation process, as they will provide physical and emotional support to the woman, they will be able to be aware of the entire pregnancy process and have a greater bond with the baby.


material genetico

Who contributes the genetic material

To choose which of the two men will contribute their genetic material, you can choose depending on which of the two has a better semen quality or by mutual agreement of both, you will choose only one to start the treatment.

If the male couple wants to provide their own semen, because they both want to be part of the process, the two will leave their semen sample, the laboratory in charge of fertilization, will select the best sperm for a more effective result, this is how the Half of the eggs donated with the semen sample of one of the men and the other half of the eggs will be done the same process with the sperm of the other man.

The best quality embryo, with the biological material of one parent, and the other embryo of the biological material of the second intentional parent in the uterus of another are transferred to the uterus. surrogate mother , in order to have family members with different genetic origin from the male part, but united by the biological link of the egg donor .

In such a way that to achieve the treatment, the options must be thought very well and always be in constant communication with the couple to have a treatment without major setbacks, always demonstrating the love and responsibility that starting the path of being parents has.

How to choose the donor

In the treatment of surrogacy the participation of an egg donor is necessary, this selection is through the fertility agencies , who are in charge of looking for the woman who meets the requirements to carry out the pregnancy, are women who have met the requirements established by the agencies, such as medical tests, to know the physical and mental health of the woman, that you have already had at least one pregnancy, and an age range.

The agencies are very detailed in choosing women so that all treatments are satisfactory and there are no complications during and after pregnancy. There are also clinics so complete that they work in a comprehensive way, since it is a clinic and a program at the same time, CELAGEM that gives you this possibility for a better treatment.

Parents are also part of the selection process for the surrogate mother , and if both parties meet the requirements and there is a great affinity, treatment will begin.

Surrogacy it is a complex practice that requires the participation of many people and is generally carried out through agencies that are in charge of organizing and monitoring the entire process. People who want to be parents, the expectant mother, the egg donor, in some cases the sperm donor, as well as doctors and lawyers usually participate in them.

Pregnancy and birth

When the treatment is effective and the pregnant woman confirms her pregnancy, it is of total happiness for the couple and that is when the pregnancy must develop in a calm and healthy way, both the couple and the pregnant woman must have good communication in the face of changes and the progress of pregnancy, take into account all prenatal care, nutrition, sports, physical and emotional changes, month-by-month checks, both to know the health of the baby and that of the woman, the whole issue of ultrasounds, clothing , among others.

They are nine months of total uncertainty, new experiences for future parents, who will face the long-awaited moment, such as the birth of their own child, where it will already be one of the many responsibilities that is acquired for a lifetime, the moment of having it, of knowing the care and what life will be like from now on, the surrogate mother will have the responsibility of the first care and then be delivered to the couple, so that they start their paternity process and all the legal processes if they had to travel to other countries, so that the experience is satisfactory and they can form that family that they longed for so much.


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