Within the possibilities that exist today for people who want to start a family, whether due to infertility, same-sex couples or some medical complication, surrogacy can be accessed as a method to fulfill the dream of having a family. For this reason, surrogacy is possible for people who have a communicable disease, such as HIV , since this virus can be transmitted to the baby during pregnancy, but through surrogacy it allows the person not to transfer their disease to the baby, through innovative studies and procedures that can remove the virus and have a totally healthy sample , to start the surrogacy.

Thus, we will focus on this virus that has been present throughout the world, such as HIV, but what is it? It is a human immunodeficiency virus, which damages certain cells of the immune system, the one in charge of defending us from diseases and helping us to stay healthy. This virus is one of the most complex diseases that exist today, because from the moment it is contracted it will be in the body forever since it has no cure. But it can be treated with drugs to prolong life, stay healthy, and prevent spreading to more people.

HIV is present in semen, vaginal fluids, anal mucus, blood and human milk, for this reason it can be spread through unprotected sex or sharing needles to inject drugs.

Can an intentional HIV positive parent go through a surrogacy process?

Currently it is possible that you can have a child with the same genetic material if you have HIV, since due to fear or misinformation many people cannot fulfill their dream, for fear of infecting the baby, but currently with so many medical and scientific studies, you may be able to access procedures that separate the virus from the sperm, leaving your sample completely healthy and fertilization can be carried out through surrogacy, sure that the baby and the pregnant woman are free from contracting the virus.

In order for you to start the surrogacy process, you must bear in mind that, if you are positive for the HIV virus, it is necessary that you are handling the correct medication and are in medical check-ups, to have a control of the disease and it is possible to start surrogacy without major risks.

What is sperm washing?

It is a technique used to release the HIV virus, which is found in the seminal fluid and not in the sperm, this technique consists of taking three samples of the sperm during a week, then the laboratory will carry out the washing, to separate the sperm from the components of the semen and have a totally healthy sample, which will be sent to the clinic to make way for In Vitro fertilization.

Sperm washing is done with the help of a centrifuge. The centrifuge is a device that rotates at high speed to separate sperm from seminal fluid in a given semen sample.

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Transmission risks

It is important that when a pregnancy decision is made and you suspect that you are HIV positive or if your partner is HIV positive, it is necessary to take precautions through assisted reproductive techniques since the contagion is much greater for him drink. That is why it is important that you can perform the necessary procedures, such as sperm washing or in women, if they are positive, the appropriate treatment through medications to reduce the risk of contagion to the baby and the pregnancy can continue completely calm and the risk of transmission is unlikely and the pregnant woman can continue her pregnancy.

What care should be taken during pregnancy?

It is important to know that having prenatal care in all stages of pregnancy is essential for the proper development of the baby, from feeding, medical checks, warning signs, a physical and emotional stability of the pregnant woman, among others. When the person is positive for HIV, the care is more rigorous, since the ideal is that he drinks like the surrogate mother, they can be healthy throughout the process and the risk of contagion is minimal, it is the case if the man is positive and opt for surrogacy.

We can also mention the case of women who wish to have a child and have contracted the HIV virus, the care will be more rigorous, since the woman must be in medical check-ups and be taking HIV medications long before pregnancy and continue doing it during and after pregnancy to protect the life of the woman and the baby.

The use of HIV drugs and other strategies have helped reduce the risk of perinatal HIV transmission to 1% or less in the United States and Europe.

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Finally there are today clinics such as CELAGEM , with more than 15 years of experience and more than 1000 births of babies free of the infection, which can help you in the process of forming a family, if you have autoimmune diseases and with a high risk of contagion, such as HIV, you can That it is a complex disease, that you are afraid that your child may contract it, but the ideal is that you find good advice, good medical support and specialists so that you can start the process, the required treatments so that you can fulfill your dream.

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Surrogacy and HIV