It is known that a pregnancy naturally produces hormonal changes in women, causing the production of milk. And in any of these cases, breast milk is essential and is a strict feeding base for each baby, at least in the first 6 months of life. This data is unequivocal and is confirmed by the World Health Organization.

You must know the enormous amount of benefits that breastfeeding brings to both the baby and the mother, to deepen a little more on this topic we must know some of the most significant of this relationship between mother and child:

Benefits of breast milk for your baby

  • Breast milk is easily digestible for babies
  • Allows for a complete nutrient list. Even breast milk achieves changes in its composition according to the baby's needs
  • Protects you from future allergies
  • The breast milk diet prevents obesity or malnutrition.
  • Protection increases against most possible conditions
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Benefits of Breast Milk for Mother

  • Healthy and special milk for your baby, with no bottle costs, and ready to give anytime you need it at the perfect temperature.
  • Increased production of Endorphins, which act as natural antidepressants
  • In breastfeeding, mothers begin to lose those pounds they gained in this process
  • It allows a new feeling similar to tenderness, love, closeness and fullness.
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The option of breastfeeding the baby is possible without being a Natural Mother

To clear up any possible doubts about this issue, we begin with the fact that it is totally possible to breastfeed a baby as a mother who is due to some process of surrogacy or is also the case of an adoptive mother. This occurs thanks to protocols that link several methods with the same objective.

The methods used in this protocol may involve the nipple stimulation system, the use of medications or natural species that stimulate the physiological part in such a way that the production of breast milk is achieved. The fact of being possible also implies that the interested party must be constant and disciplined, in turn requires a lot of support, instructions and medical supervision, before and after the birth of the expected baby.

This act can be known as induced lactation, a method that is carried out without having previously specified a pregnancy.

How to induce breastfeeding?

To induce lactation, pharmacological methods can be used, you must take certain medications that induce this milk production and thus be able to mimic the growth of the mammary gland and the increase in the hormone prolactin. In addition to this method, as we indicated above, you must stimulate the breast mechanically, it can be with the electrical or manual device known as the breast pump.

It should be noted that if you are firmly thinking about the idea of breastfeeding and creating this strong bond with your baby, resorting to surrogate pregnancies, you should plan this treatment as soon as possible and a few months in advance, to stimulate the mammary gland before that incredible moment. .

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It is recommended at least 6 months in advance, stimulating the breast (nipple and areola) manually at least a couple of times a day, increasing the stimulation little by little on a daily basis and at the moment in which the first drops of milk should be much more constant.

Another very interesting fact, used by intentional mothers or fathers who carry out this process, is that when they obtain the milk, they preserve it and freeze it to use it when the baby gets home.

Is it possible for a man to produce milk?

We have a great answer for that, it is possible for a man to be able to produce milk just like a woman. Although it is well associated with the fact that it only corresponds to women, the mammary gland is present in both the female and male sex.

However, this occurs when the man takes some female hormones or medications such as metoclopramide, phenothiazides, phytoestrogens, prolactins, among others, which in some way have an obvious effect on the mammary glands.

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Men who suffer from a hormonal disorder naturally and spontaneously generate the hormone prolactin. On the other hand, science also assumes that the man who has suffered from malnutrition generally stops producing testosterone, estrogens, among others, and is associated with those men who have a tumor in the pituitary gland or who have some neurological problems.

Finally, it is also taken into account that the man during orgasm can manage to produce a milk production in small quantities. These reasons were studied thanks to some men who, due to oppressive situations and in view of their inability to feed their children in the absence of the mother, were able to observe this capacity of their gender.

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