Every year, couples go to one of the surrogacy agencies that exist in a list of important countries, being today a very popular method, which has increased in frequency in recent years, where hundreds of people join the practice . These people can also be single women and men who are physically and mentally fit to become parents.

In surrogacy and depending on the country, couples of the same sex are also allowed who see the IVF method as a great option, where the two can share and be an active part of the process. Heterosexual couples join this method, which due to some bodily alteration has the inability to procreate.

On the other hand, it also begins to be an option for couples who, for aesthetic reasons, health or time, do not want to carry the pregnancy in their own body. Although the approval of these cases is not very common, especially due to the limitations of many countries that allow the practice.

All communities that are inclined to this method have a common goal, and that is that they want the surrogacy process to be successful in the first attempt.


Therefore, it is important to know the rates of these failed attempts at the chosen surrogacy agency. In order for couples to be aware of its reliability. Success does not occur in all cases from the first attempt and although its failure rates are very low, this possibility must be taken into account.

In general, couples who are aware of the details that may exist are prepared for possible eventualities. This does not mean that couples are mentalized with a bad prognosis before starting surrogacy, but they must take into consideration that the practice is not always 100% effective on the first attempt.

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Surrogacy encompasses a series of processes that can intervene in a possible alteration, from the fertilization of the ovum with the sperm, to carrying the pregnancy to its birth.

Success rates in surrogacy

There is talk of a practice that has decisive phases, however, most couples do not go through these setbacks, which can discourage them, decapitalize them from the initial plan and increase a fear of trying again, denying themselves the possibility of being parents.

Surrogacy failures are determined depending on the phase you are in. Contacting an agency that provides adequate and partial information is valuable to attend and prepare for the possible variables of the process.

Success rates are estimated based on the various annual conferences that surrogacy agencies share, thus ideal information is exchanged, or new tools to improve processes and further reduce complicated cases.

The donors have been previously studied, which allows the compatibility to be verified, thus having a higher percentage of the child being born satisfactorily.

Everything that is included from the collection and study of genetic material to the IVF technique has a success rate of 75%. After the implantation of the ovum occurs, confirmation of the pregnancy is expected, which does not take more than a few days.


The probability of carrying the pregnancy to birth is 95%. These indices are on a general scale. Each surrogacy center handles probabilities in a different way and under the stage it is in. And when a couple undergoes a failed surrogacy, the technique is not used again until the cause of the mishap is fully studied.

Many couples undergo these treatments at ages when their genetic material may be of poor quality. For this reason, previous studies are carried out to confirm the status of the sperm or the ovum. If your probability of success is very low, another sample or donation from a third party will be required.

Another factor that affects these failed treatments is the economic cost that will be altered. It is important to emphasize the people who undergo these methods, since the budget should include extra money that does not affect or discourage the couple if any unexpected results arise. Agencies often estimate a percentage based on surrogacy. For example, 30% more than the cost of surrogacy.


Couples must understand that they are not alone in this, many other people have gone through these processes and there are forums or help on the web to learn more about experiences and support their procedure. In addition, the surrogacy agencies have therapeutic help so that the wait and all phases are treated calmly, always living surrogacy as the beginning of a new stage.

With a 95% probability of carrying the pregnancy to term, most of the intending parents enjoy every second of happiness, thus achieving a family in the next few months.

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Surrogacy costs may be higher depending on the country you are going to. But it is emphasized that a higher cost does not remove the possibility of a negative result. The important thing is to know the surrogacy history, and that the agency is really trained with the medical and legal teams, which will provide more security to the future family.

Therefore, when starting the practice, having a positive mind and a supportive medical team will make surrogacy an incredible and new experience, until the arrival of the new member to the family.

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Success rates in surrogacy processes