Many couples over the years have leaned towards surrogacy as a means of becoming parents, be it due to pathologies, fertility problems or due to the very biological nature of their bodies. Behind this incredible process, there is a fundamental factor, genetics.

Out of every 5 couples, on average, at least one of them cannot gestate naturally. To this average we add couples with structural infertility, that is, couples of the same sex. Every year many of them turn to professionals and fertility specialists like Celagem, to make a dream come true that a year ago was almost impossible.

But this is how the next intentional parents are heading, not only to check this new possibility. If not, to demystify what is behind a practice that has caused so much excitement, especially one point in particular that has caused a lot of interest to patients, genetics.

What role does genetics play in this surrogacy process?

Genetics in this clinical process can be viewed as the middle point of a balance to achieve stability between patients and their desire to be parents.

Genetics makes it possible for patients to transmit part or all of the genetic material to the manager, in order for their genes to share the biological information of their intended parents. For patients of different sex, it will depend on the complication or the choice of those present. In the same way, both can carry both the ovum and the sperm, if your medical history allows it.

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In the case of a surrogacy of homoparental couples, both patients have the possibility of contributing sperm so that the biological identity of the child is unknown. Or they may decide that only one of them contributes the genetic material.

In general, the pregnant woman does not provide genetic material, and an egg donation is necessary. There are many decisions to take into account, so it is important that you go to Celagem where our expert professionals provide you with care as your trusted medical center.

At Celagem, we contact patients in the first week to find out what they are looking for when requesting a surrogacy and under what terms the process occurs.

With the genetic material in the hands of specialists, a surrogate pregnancy is carried out. The eggs are fertilized with the sperm, this technique, in addition to being the most used in homosexual couples, ensures that the new member of the family shares a biological bond with their intended parents.

This process also provides an opportunity for women who, due to circumstances in or around the uterus, cannot carry the pregnancy by natural means. In this case, fertilization is carried out outside the uterus and then transferred to the uterus of the future mother to continue the gestation process.

Genetics is a fundamental factor in ensuring that more and more couples from around the world can achieve their desire that most likely will have months or years waiting.


This study of biological inheritance continues to evolve and as a result, the processes remain safe and much more effective. Sperm have up to a 50% chance of passing their genes to the child. If the parents contribute all the genetic material, they will be sure that their child will create a biological link between them.

For gay couples, your first step is to find an egg donor. This step will be carried out by a group of Celagem specialists who, based on a physical and immunological study, will issue a catalog of possible candidates. This in order to ensure that fertilization is as optimal and similar as possible.

It should be noted that even today, genetics cannot foresee all the factors that play a role in the process that begins with fertilization and ends in childbirth. However, use as much study as possible to minimize possible errors.


An increase in the commitment of patients can be observed when starting surrogacy when they talk about the concerns that arise all the way, since understanding that each step does not happen out of nowhere, but rather the study of genetic inheritance is involved to ensuring the best attributions is a huge step.

The vision of family is changing, and with it the way in which a new home can be formed. We rely on gender equality and the rights that all citizens have.

Rather than observing the current situation suffered by millions of couples or single people in the conditions described above, the new opportunity offered by thousands of medical centers offers a helping hand.

Our world is changing and with it the way we see it, expanding and reaching thousands of people who dream of making it a reality, being parents with a genetic contribution that will not only remain in their child, but will remain that way for more. generations.

At CELAGEM we are ready to fulfill your dream

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Surrogacy and Genetics