Sexual and reproductive rights

In Colombia there is a policy for sexuality, on sexual and reproductive rights, this indicates that we all have the same opportunity to be born with dignity, being free.Both sexual and reproductive rights must promote and guarantee that all people can take control of their sexuality with confidence, security and reproductive freedom.

Everyone has different thoughts and visions that are related to their experiences, be they external such as cultural and historical factors, or they can be mental as well as emotional, spiritual and religious, these rights protect the diversity of decisions and thoughts promoting respect.

Sexual rights stipulate the freedom to make decisions about our sexuality, rights punish violence, abuse or discrimination, in this context also enters what is sexual activity, such as pleasure, reproduction, intimacy It is linked to many factors, such as psychological, political, religious and biological.

Reproductive rights are focused on decision making. If you want to have children, the number you want to have, there is a free decision to form the type of family you want. It was also recently enabled to use abortion methods, under legal and safe terms, obtain information about contraceptive methods or, on the contrary, have information about assisted reproduction methods.

What are the most important sexual and reproductive rights

These are the sexual and reproductive rights that are of great importance and you must know are.

  • Right to have full security.
  • Right to life, security and integrity of the person.
  • Right of all people regardless of gender, sex and sexuality to participation.
  • Right to equal protection security, where it is possible to live free, without having any type of discrimination based on sex, gender or sexuality.
  • Right to full recognition before the law
  • Right to association, free opinion, expression and thought.
  • Right to scientific advances for the benefit of health.
  • Right to information and education.
  • Right to decide if you are going to have children, how you are going to have them and at the age you want them.

There must be full compliance with these rights, and sanctions must also be required in the event of any breach.

The importance of knowing these rights

By having knowledge of these rights, which are essential for all people, in our growth as members of society.It gives us the security and guarantee of being able to carry our sexuality in an oriented way, in which there are rights that give us equal protection and recognition before the law.

It is vitally important to know and enforce them, we are participants and at the same time vigilant of them, we know that we have our own decisions, of free will and in which we cannot be discriminated against because of our sexual and reproductive options.

derechos sexuales y deberes

By knowing our rights, we know what we can do and what we cannot do, we also know what others can do and what not, if you have the information about this, you can enforce them through different tools that the government puts to use. your disposition, even in serious cases there may be compensation for any damage caused protected by law.

There are sexual duties

There is a phrase that quotes as follows: "rights cannot exist without duties", so to demand a right you must fulfill a duty, when we fulfill the duties we can enjoy the rights, so each right of sexuality and reproduction there is a duty that must be fulfilled.

When we refer to sexual duties, we speak of the responsibilities that we all have as individuals to enjoy and enjoy both personal and social sexuality, always resulting in our own healthy well-being.

When one acts with conscience, maturity and respect, duties are promoted and one acts in favor of sexual and reproductive freedom.

The duties that we must fulfill responsibly are as follows.

  • Duty to sexual privacy.
  • Duty to sexual pleasure.
  • Duty to seek scientific information.
  • Duty to educate themselves in a comprehensive manner in sexuality.
  • Duty to a free sexuality.
  • Duty to personal sexual health.

When you know your homework you demand your Rights It is important as self-sufficient people to know all the regulations that protect us and the duties that we must fulfill, we participate in creating a better society, where we are all benefactors of the results and benefit from them.

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Sexual and reproductive rights