Why is surrogacy so expensive in other countries?

When choosing the country that generates the most trust, the men, women or client couples are aware of the economic fluctuation that exists worldwide between countries where the process is legal.

The countries with the highest requests are usually chosen, beyond the economic cost, for the safety and comfort that they can provide to future parents. In this last point it is important to know the medical center that will carry out the process and that there is prior knowledge of the contract and all the points it addresses.


Colombia is among the list of countries where couples from all over the world come to fulfill their dream. Not only for its economic value that compared to other countries is one of the least expensive, including the entire legal process. If not for the security and transparency provided by the gestation process and possible unforeseen events (which are often already included in the contract).

The prices that range for Colombian surrogacy budgets, ranging from 15,000USD to 30,000USD, transforming them into euros, give an approximate of € 4000 to € 5500. Now, if we compare them with the estimates in the United States (ranging from $ 22,000 to $ 108,000). An important difference is observed which may be surprising. But the price difference has nothing to do with the quality or effectiveness of the process.

The countries where surrogacy is more expensive, such as the United States, Greece, Canada and Ukraine are due to the prices of each specific stage of surrogacy. Among them we can point out:

donante ovulos

The remuneration of the pregnant woman:

This is calculated based on those established by law (in some countries a maximum of what you can request is contemplated). In Colombia, because it does not have a law that supports it, it depends on the medical center. To this we add the process and complications that they may present, such as the clinic, exams, clothing of the manager and even the number of babies that the intended parents want to have.

There is also a budget reduction if the manager has an altruistic purpose.


Legal proceedings:

Contracts generally encompass the entire legal process involved in surrogacy. (From lawyers to courts if necessary) So that the intentional parents do not have mishaps in the future. An increase in foreign patients can be seen. For nationals, the legal process is similar to adoption.


The chosen medical center:

In the United States, for example, the health sector is totally private, which is why the total budget is higher, while if you have a public option, you see a reduction. It is also added the mishaps that may arise in the pregnant woman from the moment the pregnancy is confirmed until the next few months.


In vitro fertilization:

This point is highly variable due to all the possibilities it offers, from the donation of joint genetic material or the contribution of one of the intended parents. It includes the examinations prior to assisted reproduction, and the possible complications that may arise. Although practice has been improving, the process can be unsuccessful on the first try. Increasing the cost.

subrogacion y genetica

When the intended parents do not come from the interior of the country, they must also consider all the travel expenses both to and from the country. That they can include in a personal budget of separate expenses. As well as ensuring that all the documentation of the new member of the family is in perfect order, this will avoid uncomfortable moments.

Same-sex couples should also consider that although there are countries where the law is approved, they restrict same-sex couples.

Colombia, as it does not have legislation on the process, is a country that has a greater number of homosexual couples who have been able to fulfill their dream of forming a family, fulfilling gender equality and the respect all citizens deserve.

Surrogacy is a relatively new technique, and in any country that is intended to practice it, it should be clear that a higher economic cost does not ensure greater effectiveness in the gestation process or the possible complications that may arise. Many times the increase does not come from a better quality but from the laws that each country establishes and the legal expenses that can increase the total budget by up to 40%.


The total budget will be paid as indicated by each medical center, and is generally specified in the initial contract and the first sessions. It is very common for the patient to emphasize each of the doubts at the beginning of the process. So that everything is in perfect agreement by both parties.

This budget can begin to be regularized as soon as the pregnant woman is diagnosed with the actual pregnancy, and month by month, begin to pay the total divided by the number of months previously indicated, as well as pay the entire budget at the beginning of the process.

This agreement tends to be formalized together with the rules of the specialized agency, always seeking the comfort of the intended parents. Intentional parents have the option of having a great experience in the hands of an agency that provides them with as much information as possible, and in which they can connect.

Because beyond living it, it is feeling each step towards the arrival of a new member of the family.

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Why is surrogacy so expensive in other countries?