How to prepare for the newborn: intentional parents, The day you have been waiting for is finally here. Yes! the arrival of your baby, that process that has seemed eternal, but that you only had to wait a little more than nine months. It is one of the most gratifying, exciting and unrepeatable moments that you will live, think that that dream that you once had begins to take shape, from the moment you started the treatment, to see progress little by little and from month to month prepare to meet your newborn.

You have been preparing to go and wait and see the arrival of that new member of the family, that desire and desire to see him is like a roller coaster of emotions, but always with the certainty that that long-awaited day will arrive very soon.

But all this happened thanks to the fact that you chose a good clinic, which offered you a successful treatment, so that the fertilization occurred without any setback and that the surrogate mother after the procedure and waiting several days confirmed to the intended parents that she was pregnant It is one of the most anticipated news, because finally that dream is already a reality, and that you only have to wait a few more months to pack suitcases and go on that trip that you have been waiting for so much.

You must prepare and become aware that, with the arrival of your baby, your life will begin to have many changes, since a little person who occupies your time 24/7 will come to your house, every day of the week will need you, for this reason It is important that you start preparing everything in advance, start with organizing your spaces in your home, work, dedicate time to rest, because the time will come when you have to take suitcases and start the trip.
For this reason, you must take into account the following points:

Prepare before the trip

To start this exciting journey, you must bear in mind that it is more than a fact, that your baby is waiting for you, day by day it is growing and the pregnancy is gradually coming to an end, it is just at that moment, in the that you should prepare everything for the trip, start with the basics, packing your baby's suitcases and yours, pack the essentials, several changes of clothes, cleaning supplies, towels, comfortable shoes, try to focus so that you do not take away unnecessary things and you can insert yourself. You should also take into account the following points for the trip:

  • Have all the documentation up to date
  • Visa or passports of the destination country
  • Purchase of roundtrip airline tickets
  • Hotel reservation.
  • Food, transportation, lodging expenses

If necessary, make a list of all the things you have to do and carry, so that you have greater clarity and can organize everything on time, and you are not running last before the trip.

prepara tu viaje

Organize the newborn's room

That moment comes to look for a quiet and safe space inside your house, find that place that you are going to allocate just for your baby, a unique room that you are going to put all the care and love to organize, start little by little painting the walls, fix the floors, find all the necessary furniture to adapt the space, that first crib that you have been able to buy for her, organize all her clothes, her toys, blankets, towels, her cleaning supplies, try to make sure the room has what it takes Take your time to finalize details and look forward to the arrival of your baby.


What you need in the hospital suitcase

You have to prepare in advance the suitcase that you will take to the hospital, for the arrival of your baby, in the suitcase you only have to pack what is necessary for that first day, such as his first change, pajamas, hats, change clothes, towel, blankets, bibs, bottles, diapers, wet wipes, soap, shampoo, toiletries. They are one of the necessary things that he needs to drink for that first day.

Traveling with a newborn

The moment you were most waiting for arrives, the delivery, after a long time of waiting, your baby is finally born and you have the opportunity to meet him, you will cry from the emotion, to be able to see him, to hug him, to have him in your arms, to talk to him , the time is dedicated exclusively to being with him, all the experiences are different, but all agree that this dream is already more than a reality.

After the delivery, it is necessary for the doctors to check the health of the baby and the surrogate mother, after both are in good condition, it is time to say goodbye to the person who helped them with their sleep, who gave their best , so that the result was to see the joy of the parents with their baby, after all the legal procedures, another process begins which is the return trip with your baby.

viajando bebe

You must start from the first moment to create an affective bond with your baby, communication is important, since you have to talk to the baby all the time so that he begins to familiarize your voice, feel calm and safe, another way for a greater Bond is skin-to-skin contact with your baby, so that it begins to record your touch, your smell, your texture, your breath, your voice, all these aspects generate tranquility, peace and security for the baby. The baby is very sensory so any stimulus is good to strengthen your relationship with him.

Finally, you are going to start that journey with your baby, take it very calmly, live each experience as unique, listen to your family, their advice, also listen to your instinct, always provide the baby with a safe and quiet place, with lots of love , understanding, so that the connection is perfect and you learn little by little how to start raising your child. Everything is a process, do not get overwhelmed, live in the moment, but always focus on giving the best to that new member of your family, because he will also teach you many things that you did not know since it is a mutual learning that is going to be forever.

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How to Prepare for the Newborn: Intentional Parents