All the changes you make in your life, in a certain way will impact the way you do things, think that each change will improve your life, transform it and renew it, since each decision you make will have a future result. As human beings we are always in constant change, day by day improving aspects of our personal, emotional and physical life, whether at work, study, tastes, dreams, goals, etc., every time we are doing something to improve it.

For this reason, one of those changes that you have in your life is the fact of having a family, whether it is the case of forming it with your partner, or if you are alone, but you are focused on achieving that goal that you have in Mind: form a family, you look for possible alternatives, since your partner has fertility problems, or they are a couple of the same sex or you simply want to do it alone, for this reason you need a specialized place so that you can fulfill your dream , that of pregnancy and surrogacy .

When this happens, you basically start with a medical process, of collecting the samples from your genetic material , to choose if it is the case of looking for egg donors, the type of fertilization, whether it is the case of in vitro fertilization and of course the figure of the surrogate mother who is the one who will carry the entire pregnancy, a person you have never seen, but who is willing to face the physical and emotional changes that a woman can present during pregnancy, the surrogate will be willing to help you in the dream of having your own son, accept fertilization and start the pregnancy in the best way.

Assisted human reproduction techniques (TRHA) They therefore opened a door to new ways of creating families, and since then they have not stopped evolving and complicating the possible scenario of maternity and paternity hospitals.

Knowing the surrogate mother

If you have already started this process that, in turn magical, can also be a bit confusing, since it is something new for you to realize that dream you had in mind and that you somehow idealized it and you are waiting for that long-awaited moment of having in your arms your own child.

For this reason everything has its beginning, you started at the moment of knowing and establishing yourself with the clinic you chose, you learned about the surrogacy process, whether from the medical check-ups, the procedure, the costs and finally that moment arrives, to meet the person who has also put his time and dreams in favor of couples who for various reasons have not been able to have children.

Therefore, that moment comes to meet the surrogate mother, to know her name, in what country she is, what her life is like in general, the reasons why she helps couples to have children, to know her experiences in terms of their own pregnancies. You must bear in mind that many times the physical encounters can be minimal, due to the distance issue either because each one is in a different country, labor issues and expenses, but today with so much technology at our disposal it is possible the virtual encounters and also the trips that the couple decides to make to meet the surrogate mother and find out how the pregnancy is.

gestante sustituta

Ultrasounds and controls

It is important that the surrogate mother, from the beginning of the pregnancy, is aware of the entire pregnancy process, such as monthly medical checks, since they are necessary to know the health of the baby and the surrogate woman, as well as taking ultrasound scans to Knowing the development of the baby, and the intentional parents know the process of pregnancy, are necessary procedures for the pregnancy to pass without any complications.

Ecograf铆as y controles


Birth can be a time of anguish and in turn of happiness, before delivery it is necessary for the intended parents to be present since it is time to complete the process and make that trip so that they can accompany the pregnant woman during childbirth and Get to know your own baby first-hand. It is an intimate moment, but with the satisfaction that this dream is tangible and real, to see your newborn and that it will accompany you for the rest of your life.

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Newborn care

Each newborn is a world of experiences, you become that father who little by little will understand his son, such as the cry of your baby since that is the first communication that both have and you will know that each cry is different and will ask you for a specific thing. The primary care of your newborn is basically to meet their basic needs, such as food, hygiene, their moments of sleep and rest, protection and affection.

Early stimulation is very important, from singing, sensory stimulation that feels textures, colors, shapes, smells, moments of play, stimulation of their body, their movements, day by day you will know their tastes and their discomforts. Month-to-month medical check-ups are essential, knowing your growth path, weight, height to know the baby's health.

Finally, each step to fulfill your dream is essential, live each stage, do not worry, live the moments of this stage, since you would live it only once but it will transform your life forever, keep in mind that a baby is one of the greater responsibilities that you will have in your life and that you will have to find a good clinic, which will be your guide so that you make the best decision, it is a joint effort with a huge team and it is important that you know it and also that if you have That traveling to another country you do know because that is also part of the process, ask, investigate, do not remain with any doubt because that also makes a difference, feel comfortable with each process and enjoy that new idea of being an intentional parent.

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