Ovodonation or egg donation

Ovodonation as the name implies is a practice with which through egg donation, a woman or a man with fertility problems or absence of eggs can manage to have children.

Who is egg donation for?

Ovodonation is indicated for women whose egg quality is not good, either because they are maternally old, suffering from some genetic alteration or having a problem with their gametes.

It is also suitable for single men and gay couples who for obvious reasons do not have their own eggs and want to initiate fertility treatment.


What is ovodonation?

It is a treatment by which altruistically a woman decides to donate her eggs to a partner or person who needs them. 

Start with ovarian stimulation: 

This is a treatment that lasts between 10 to 12 days and involves providing the donor with a daily dose of follicle stimulating hormones, which will allow a greater number of eggs to be obtained when the extraction is performed.

 Follicular puncture: 

In this step the donor will undergo a very simple and outpatient surgical procedure in which through follicular puncture, their eggs will be removed. this intervention is completely painless, as it is performed by sedation with the supervision of an anesthesiologist and this only lasts 15 minutes.

Finally, once the eggs are obtained, the patient must rest for that day and be able to resume their normal life the next day.


What assisted reproduction technique is ovodonation used with?

In vitro fertilization with egg donation is a widely used assisted reproductive technique in the world due to its large percentage of effectiveness; because among other things, the eggs of a fertile woman with excellent genetic material are used.

However, this is not the first choice for many couples, as they have the illusion of having their children with their own eggs.

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What is egg egg donation or egg donation?