Multiple pregnancy in surrogacy

Intentional parents sometimes not only go with the hope of having a child, but more than one in the surrogacy pregnancy. It can occur in the case of heterosexual couples, after many attempts that did not lead to pregnancy or the same case occurs with homosexual couples, who cannot procreate naturally.

Multiple pregnancies occur when more than one egg is fertilized separately, or it is also the case that sperm enter the egg and divide, giving rise to two or more children. Multiple pregnancy is not common, because the probability that two sperm will enter at the same time is low. In addition, they increase the complications of both the children and the pregnant woman.


Many couples just want to become parents, and knowing that they can bring more than one child home makes them happy. The most exciting of the cases is that it can also occur in surrogacy, without having planned, that a multiple pregnancy occurs, and in this case the decision is not only made by the intended parents.

When it is verified that a pregnancy is twin, the decision begins with the surrogate mother. Despite the fact that each surrogate mother is selected under a series of physical and psychological examinations, the risks increase with this type of pregnancy. And each surrogate mother has the decision if she wants to continue it.

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Intentional parents are also part of the final decision. When the couple is planning with only one child, they have a different approach and mentally they are rooted in that vision, if they are not prepared, they may decide not to take the step. We remember that they are rare cases, but to avoid surprises it is good to be informed of all possible eventualities.

Likewise, the opposite case can happen. The intended parents approve the multiple pregnancy as well as the surrogate mother, and the gestation continues its course with its respective protocol.

The couple can understand as multiple pregnancy, the birth of two or more children very similar physically and genetically. However, there are two cases of twins:

Homozygous twins:

It occurs when two sperm fertilize the same egg in the same time. Children will be physically the same and if they change any trait it will not be very variable, the blood type will also be the same. This happens because their chromosomes are the same, having the same genetic configuration.

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Bzygotic twins:

They occur when two eggs are fertilized with different sperm. In this case, the little ones will not have a physical relationship with each other, and many or most of their features are different, as well as their blood type.

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The failure rates in multiple surrogacy have an approximate rate that varies between 20% to 30%. The care must be greater, since not only the little ones can suffer some damage, but the pregnant woman. Reason that includes it to consent to the procedure voluntarily.

Twin pregnancy is complicated for various reasons, the physical wear and tear to which the pregnant woman is subjected is greater and the breaks must be longer. Internally, alterations such as deviations of the uterus, hemorrhages, possible abortions can occur. As well as the birth of the little one with low weight, which in some cases does not allow him to live later, after surrogacy.

That is why the decision encompasses a set of phases in which each stakeholder must approve it, including the surrogacy agency. In cases where delivery occurs unplanned, the most common cause is in fertilization where the genetic material has a low quality, and to ensure pregnancy, the uterus is inseminated with more than one fertilized egg to increase rates. of success.

But increasing the success rates can cause a twin pregnancy, which is why the phase of preliminary examinations of the genetic material is important, and in case the intending parents have a low quality, several eggs are fertilized or alternated with material genetic from a third party.

The reason that influences couples to lean towards surrogacy comes from the success rates in practice. In multiple pregnancies, although they can be complicated, they are still the most feasible method among couples who choose this practice each year.


The costs in multiple surrogacy are higher. The pregnant woman goes to consultation and examinations more frequently.The care that she must have and the diet can be more strict. If you had to go to work for less time before, now you must take complete rest. Legal processes increase the cost because they are two small ones that the law must protect and protect them, after the surrogacy.

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It is a decision that must be made with a cold mind, the couple must understand all the previous processes, and the surrogacy agency must be trained to deal with these types of cases. However, at the end of the road they will be able to enjoy the new happiness that two little ones bring home, and it may be the case that there are 3 children. Having an agency that provides a smooth journey and a positive experience is the best option for intentional future parents.

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Multiple pregnancy in surrogacy