Yes, many of us want to have children and experience endless great moments, such as those offered by motherhood or fatherhood, but most of us go through various reasons that prevent us from fulfilling this dream, so we need external help, and in this case, surrogacy can be your reliable alternative, here we solve your doubts if you are looking for a surrogate mother .

Surrogacy is a method where a woman rents or makes her womb available, in this way it would be possible to gestate the baby of a couple, who due to various impediments cannot achieve it or is also functional in the case in which a woman decides to help a homosexual couple . This practice is also known as surrogacy, surrogate mother, or assisted reproduction.

The concept is easy to understand, however, in practice, surrogacy is a more complex fact because there are factors that must be studied by future parents. Not all countries allow surrogacy, due to the controversies it has caused and the change in legislation they must establish to regulate the practice. In addition, we must consider that although there are various communities that seek to allow treatment in their countries, the cabinets have not changed internal policy.

After choosing one of the countries with legal access to start the surrogacy treatment , you must choose the agency where the medical and legal stages will take place. You must make sure that it complies with the optimal legal framework that allows them to return to their country of origin without inconvenience, and it is not a difficult subject, in fact, we will delve into this topic below:

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Surrogacy is a method that offers the possibility of having a genetic offspring, it can be partial (only one couple places the genetic material) or complete, in case both patients have a unaltered genetic material . This method allows complete control of the newborn and its first stages of life, an option that would not be possible with adoption. This condition strengthens the bonds between the couple and the baby. In addition to this, the risks tend to be minimal compared to other practices.

This fact leads to the process becoming costly for some couples who do not have such a budget. There are surrogacy centers that offer ways to regularize the contract in a more accessible way, being by installments, however they are peculiarities of each center and it is advisable to consult with the personnel in charge.

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The future parents must assume certain expenses of the practice, such as the care of the surrogate mother (hormonal, medical and nutritional treatment) and the legal procedures (according to the legislation of your country or if it must take place in a foreign country), which will depend on the place where they carry out surrogacy, each country being autonomous from the legal contracts that must be fulfilled both in the country of origin and in the country requested to carry out the treatment.
The following couples may require a surrogate mother:

  • Men with a male partner.
  • Heterosexual couples with a condition that makes pregnancy impossible. Some reasons are the high risk that the mother would run for some disease or an alteration in the uterine cavity.
  • Men without a partner can also use this practice.
  • Women who have fertile or physical problems.
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Another timely and controversial topic is that of the surrogate woman, and not all women are suitable candidates to offer themselves as pregnant , since they must present certain criteria such as age, financial status, having a healthy child, physical and mental health, habits, environment and other factors that are studied by surrogacy agencies.

It is intended that the practice not only has economic benefits, the pregnant woman must be aware that her role goes much further, collaborating with the inclusion of families that have no other means to live the experience of being parents.

Fulfilling these criteria, a family member or close person can become surrogate mother . But we faithfully believe that the most advisable thing is to have a surrogacy agency that guides them throughout the process, since they not only take care of the surrogate mother, they offer a range of options so that future parents do not worry about all the processes that they must remain in the chosen country to enjoy maternity or paternity, as the case may be.

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There are also clinics that prefer to leave the identity between surrogate mother and patients anonymous, separating both parties to avoid a link that can be detrimental if more privacy of the process is desired. Taking into account that everything depends on the demands of the intending parents and the policies of the chosen professional agency.

The benefits of a surrogacy clinic are numerous, as they bring together a fertility clinic, a surrogacy center, and the legal component.

Separately, it becomes a tedious task and if the couple is located abroad, the laws between countries change requiring advice so as not to present any inconvenience.
The search for a surrogate mother is not about a personal relationship to achieve an end, it is a more complex system to avoid incurring in a subsequent legal process.

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