The family is the fundamental nucleus in the development of a society, since thanks to it basic tools are provided for a society to grow progressively, we learn to live and grow with other people, and through that interaction we acquire customs, beliefs and norms that are necessary for the development of the individual and society itself.

In this way we speak of the family, as that first contact of all social interaction of the individual, which allows us to strengthen and establish fraternal ties for a lifetime, for this reason many people have sought a way to build their own families, rescuing their traditions. and customs, to transfer them to their future children.

The family is the natural and fundamental element of society and has the right to the protection of society and the State.

Thus, forming a family has a great social and state responsibility, which has the duty to protect it through laws and parameters, as it is a fundamental right of any individual, for this reason there are nowadays different family models, distancing ourselves a bit from the traditional model, since sexual orientation and gender identity , is part of the different forms of family that are present today through same-sex couples and all of our LGBT community .

The LGBT community is an important population that has impacted society in terms of the construction of a new family model, since through its own struggle it has generated great changes in the way they are laws and the state, have had the task of recognizing the fundamental rights of the individual, without any discrimination, always respecting the individuality of each person and gradually transforming the laws to new ways of conceiving the family.

This is how the fundamental rights of every person prevail, the free development of the personality and in this case specifically the right to have a family, are the fundamental approaches faced by the LGBT community , which also express the dream and desire to have their own children, be parents and start a family.

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Colombia the place to fulfill the dream of becoming parents

Colombia is a multicultural country that has undergone many changes throughout history, changes in terms of providing its citizens with a place where they can fulfill their own dreams and goals, so that they contribute positively to the development of the country.

You have started to think that one of those many dreams you have in mind is to have a family, at some point in your life you have idealized it and you have the desire to make it come true, having a baby is one of those tasks that sometimes are not so simple to comply, since unforeseen events arise that you may not have taken into account.

But there is a solution for everything, since fulfilling the dream of being parents is possible for same-sex couples and for the entire community. Lgbt , since in Colombia there are quite a few alternatives in assisted reproductive techniques , necessary so that you can access fertility methods depending on your case, since each couple has their own needs and requirements, so that everything adjusts to their priorities and always find the most effective way to have a family.

Colombia is a country that has opened its doors to be at the forefront, in terms of surrogacy treatments as the in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination , which are the most used in same-sex couples who have opted for this tool since it is the closest and safest to have their own children.

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Many couples seek diverse opinions from professionals about the surrogacy as the most effective way to have a baby, through a surrogate if it is the case, to start the whole process of pregnancy and see closer the realization of the dream of having a family.

Therefore, Colombia provides protection conditions and respects the right of everyone to have their own family, it works through agencies and clinics that are in charge of carrying out the entire medical process and the treatment itself.

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LGBT – The right to be parents and start a family