Lesbian mothers, what should you know before having a child?

The reality today is completely different for what we know as the LGTB community. They have managed to raise their voice, in order to achieve inclusion in society, as a new diversity of couples and orientation.

And it has been achieved, since society more than ever has managed to assimilate and accept this new diversity, understanding that each of them must have access to the same treatment, rights and duties as any heterosexual person.

Currently, there are many couples and marriages that belong to the LGTB group, so declaring your orientation towards the same sex today does not generate a stir or a taboo subject, of course, taking into account that 15 years ago, society was more strict and intolerant.

But there is still a small fear, when declaring the next level, which does not only involve sexual orientation, nor marriage; We are talking about integrating a new member into your family, a son who will have two mothers or two fathers for parents.

Something that is totally clear about this is that there are already communities, laws, professionals and medical centers that support you in every decision, understanding that you maintain the same right to a healthy and full life. And the good news is that there are treatments for any homoparental case, but especially there is a method of assisted reproduction for lesbian mothers.

For this reason, we want to tell you that if you and your same-sex partner decide that you want to have your own child, go for it! But before starting that big step, you should take into account some points before starting:

madres lesbianas con hijo


You must evaluate if your relationship as a couple really works, beyond any emotion, did you really make the decision to be in good times and bad?

That is what the baby will need at every stage of his life's development. During this process, a shared role will be established for both, being a mother, that is why there must be a high level of emotional maturity and affection.

Face your surroundings.

Have they already declared their sexual orientation? On the other hand, has their dating relationship or marriage been formalized? If the answer is negative to either of these two questions, it is best to forget to anticipate the facts.A child in conditions of marriage or homoparental couple, must grow up under the protection of parents who manage to face their own environment. If you, as a couple, do not have the courage to face the environment, how will your child do it?

Economic stability.

Not only emotional stability is required, but economic stability is totally necessary. Since in addition to the expenses corresponding to a fertility or assisted reproduction treatment, there are future expenses that correspond to the birth of your baby.

Responsibilities arrive.

Motherhood is a stage of our lives, where we must put our entire environment in order, parties and disco nights will not be on the same plane while you are pregnant and take care of your little one. It is a change of environment, a little calmer and more enjoyable for you and your baby.

Pregnancy plan and cytologies.

For these pregnancy and cytology plans you must go to the clinic that has the profile you require, where you can see the different plans that best suit you, and that have cytologies to be able to carry out the entire process in one place, Remember that the best place is where they advise you and guide your health. A very important and delicate point, that is why it must be in the right hands.

Legal advice.

It is very important to know the legal bases of having a child as a lesbian mother, so going to the correct fertility center is very important. At Celagem they indicate the regulations that you must comply with in order not to incur regulations, as well as they take care of and advise you on each legal area. With our clinics, you have legal advisors who can help you and provide you with all the information.

madres lesbianas con hija

Decision making.

The decisions we make can positively or negatively affect our lives, so it is important to be clear that this process is not easy, especially if you have many doubts. For this reason, we consider that it is important to make the right decisions according to what is required, and in order to do so we must be aware and be clear that being mothers of the same sex entails consulting and planning ahead to make the correct decisions that will allow them to future in the state they want.

Ways to get pregnant.

When the same-sex couple wants to take the step to start a family and have their own child, the question arises as to how we are going to do it.

If you have already made the decision, there are totally safe and effective methods, such as IVF (in vitro fertilization), AI (artificial insemination) and the most specialized for these couples which is known as the method CLOTHING (reception of eggs from the couple), which allows the experience to be unique and that both feel part of the process of bringing a child to their family.

This assisted reproduction process consists of using the two Mothers in a biological way, allowing one of them to give her eggs, which will be placed in a laboratory dish and fertilized with the sperm of the selected donor.

Once the sperm performs fertilization and the embryo begins to create within 3 to 5 days, the following procedure will begin. Being the turn of the other Mother, who will fulfill the role of surrogate.Once the embryo is implanted in the uterus and it naturally begins to create the placenta, under the supervision of specialists, its development and evolution will be awaited to do the relevant pregnancy test. 

It is very important to have all these points clear, the decision you make as a family is totally important, so you must be prepared for everything, prepare little by little on a psychological and monetary level and that both of you feel optimal for the process.

They are a team, so together with experts, they must work together to achieve what they decided to start.And at Celagem clinics, we want to be part of your new family, we have specialists in various areas that will help you make this process more pleasant.

We have a great experience for all cases, in addition to giving you the peace of mind you need to feel safe throughout the process.

At CELAGEM we are ready to fulfill your dream

We are specialists in solving fertility problems, In vitro fertilization or assisted reproduction. We want to show you some of our treatments that have your first appointment totally free.



Lesbian mothers, what should you know before having a child?