Given the need that couples or people have to access effective methods to have children, there are places in various parts of the world specialized in assisted reproduction issues, which provide possible solutions to fertility problems that couples face when they make the decision. of having a family, also for single or same-sex couples, who more often go to places to make their dream of having a child of their own come true.

For this reason, surrogacy has impacted all parts of the world, but for various reasons, only in some countries it is possible that this practice is carried out, since it is not a legal practice in some countries, and it is only allowed if it exists. a law or legislation that regulates it, therefore, you should know that each country has its own requirements and conditions regarding fertility treatments.

The surrogacy It is legal in countries such as the United States, Russia, Greece, Canada, Mexico and Argentina, among others. Colombia is also part of that group because it is allowed for nationals and foreigners, which is a significant amount that access some of the countries mentioned, since it is not allowed in their own countries.

For this reason, surrogacy becomes international, since it welcomes people from all over the world, who want to realize the dream in a country that offers them the best conditions, to be able to access fertility treatments without any setback and with all current legal and medical requirements.


In this way, Colombia is a country that is implementing new routes in terms of fertility issues, because it protects the family as the fundamental nucleus of society, therefore, it supports the right and autonomy of men and women, who wish to have children naturally or with scientific assistance, respecting the rights and duties of minors before Colombian law.

How to find an agency with its own reliable surrogacy clinic in Colombia?

Colombia is a country that has been providing all its support to effective methods of Assisted reproduction , with an important group of doctors specialized in the subject and always supporting people who have the desire to start a family, for this reason in Colombia and in its cities, there are agencies dedicated to all fertility issues and that have a national and international recognition.

For this reason, do not hesitate to know this great country and all the offer it has, in terms of effective and safe fertility treatments, but for that it is necessary that you find a reliable agency, keep the following points in mind:

  • An authorized place
  • The quality of your procedures
  • Your instalations
  • Team
  • Laboratory
  • Success rates
  • Lawyers team
  • Services that have
  • Costs
  • Provide your patients with all the information to generate bonds of trust

When an agency offers you all these conditions, it is time for you to take the most important step to follow your dream, we can tell you that Celagem offers you a complete package, since it is a comprehensive program that offers agency services, where you can find everything in one place, it also gives you personalized advice, with more than 25 years of experience in assisted reproduction, has facilities and qualified medical personnel that can always help and advise you and the most important is open to both nationals and foreigners.

Should I travel to Colombia if I am interested?

If you have already made the decision to start a fertility process and have looked at the great possibilities that Colombia offers you, in matters of assisted reproduction, health coverage and professionalism, it is necessary that you first contact the agency with which you are going To start the treatment, they themselves are in charge of providing you with all the information to access the services, in many cases thanks to the virtual communication channels available to people from abroad, it makes it easier, since through a Virtual conference or a video call is the best means of contact to start with all the procedures required for the treatment.

In this way, the agency you have chosen is the one that will be in charge of communicating to you when you should travel to the country, to carry out routine examinations and leave your sample to start the treatment, therefore, you will only travel to the country when necessary. and when your doctor recommends it, in this way minimize expenses and travel when required.

Can sperm from the intended parents be sent, to be used with an egg donor in Colombia, to create embryos?

The transfer of sperm from one country to another must be done under specialized personnel who is responsible for transferring the semen sample in perfect condition to the place of destination, providing all the documentation and having all the specialized containers for its transfer, then through a previous contact with the destination clinic, who is the one that will receive the sample, must also have all the conditions to preserve the sample for use.

In this way, the intended parents can send their sperm in optimal conditions to be used in a surrogacy process, previously consulted and endorsed by the clinic that is going to start the fertilization treatment.

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How to find a surrogate mother?

When you start the task of looking for a surrogate pregnant woman to give continuity to your process, it is clear that you will have the help of the agency with which you have started the treatment, since they have women, who have previously selected to be surrogate pregnant women and they have requirements like; ages between 18 to 39 years approximately, good health, physical and mental conditions and not having any hereditary disease.

The agency can provide you with the candidate best suited to your needs, but you can also choose her autonomously, be it a relative or close acquaintance, who agrees and starts the process with you.


Traveling for birth

It is one of the most gratifying moments that you have been planning and thinking, the right moment to meet your child, it is a handful of emotions that you have witnessed in each step of the treatment and that culminating moment of the whole process arrives, the birth of your baby. It is where you have to start packing suitcases and start the journey, to that place where you are about to be born, that new joy for your life.

You have to start packing your baby's suitcases and yours well in advance, thinking about buying the plane tickets, having all the documentation and passport ready if they are necessary and if you have to find accommodation in the country of destination depending on if you stay a few days in the country. You have to plan everything before birth Because this way your trip will be easier, without any setbacks and have your time and peace of mind for that new little person who will be part of your life and the world.

We can conclude that Colombia is a country that innovates every day in medical procedures and research on assisted reproduction issues, since it is committed to the well-being of the human being and always provide the best tools so that they can fulfill their dreams, it is a country that has Doors open for nationals and foreigners, who see in Colombia its great potential for innovation and quality in its treatments, do not hesitate to get to know this beautiful country that will offer you the best experiences and the realization of your dream of forming a family.

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