In which cases should I have an egg donation treatment?

Egg donation is an assisted reproduction treatment, with high rates of effectiveness. It consists of the reception of optimal eggs, by a donor. The purpose of this treatment is to help some women who cannot get pregnant or carry out pregnancy by themselves.

What is Egg Donation about?

As we already mentioned before, it requires the altruistic collaboration of a donor with optimal health, later it must pass the exams that indicate that it is suitable for donation and then it must accept the ovarian stimulation treatment, where it allows the extraction of a larger number of eggs, without affecting your natural ovarian reserve.

The reception of these eggs allows the development of the in vitro fertilization technique, since together with the semen of the couple (it can also be from a donor) a process will be carried out outside the body, where it will then be transferred to the patient the embryo resulting from the union.

This treatment may or may not require psychological help, since most young women, after several analyzes and examinations, may receive the news that pregnancy is not possible through their own eggs, for this reason, some usually falling into phases of anxiety, non-acceptance or depression.

But we also find the case where women, regardless of their condition or age, are aware of their circumstances and in turn present a positive psychological state, so they are ready to take treatment without problems.

If you are going through any of these situations, or it is a family member or close friend, knowing more about the reason and the effectiveness of this treatment will be very helpful, since you must know the indications or circumstances for which the Egg donation has been prescribed.

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In which cases is egg donation treatment indicated?

The different reasons why egg donation treatment is recommended are usually:

  • Advanced age, above 38 years.
  • Idiopathic or unknown disease.
  • Absence of ovaries.
  • Insufficient number of oocytes.
  • Poor quality of the ovaries.
  • Malfunction of the ovaries.
  • Cancer treatments.
  • Repeated failures in previous treatments with own eggs.
  • Severe endometriosis
  • Repetitive abortions.
  • Implantation failures in in vitro fertilization.
  • Premature ovarian failure.
  • Women with a hereditary disease that they can transmit to their offspring.
  • Gay couples.
  • Single men with a desire for fatherhood.

Success Rates in Egg Donation

At Celagem we have the Egg Donation treatment, it is one of the treatments that promises great results and success rates. As a clinic, we are dedicated to the commitment of turning each of our patients into parents, the success rate that we present is between 60% and 65% on the first attempt.

The success rate in addition to being high to achieve pregnancy, is high and decisive in terms of the health of the baby, since the donors are healthy young women and approved by different examinations.

In addition to having high rates of effectiveness, surplus embryos can be frozen with each donation. In the event that some patients fail to achieve pregnancy on the first attempt, a second attempt can be made under the same donated eggs.

In total, an Egg Donation pregnancy can achieve a success rate of up to 90% with just one donation.

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Pregnancy by Egg Donation.

Once the egg donation pregnancy is achieved, the pregnancy continues as a natural pregnancy. The woman can have the same common symptoms of any woman during pregnancy, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weight gain, among others.

It should be noted that each pregnancy is different in each woman, so you can experience the good and not so good of those first symptoms.

Each of our Celagem locations has the best specialists, in charge of taking care of your progress and making the corresponding follow-up to guarantee one of the most pleasant experiences of your life.

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In which cases should I have an egg donation treatment?