For many women, the decision to be part of the surrogacy process is accompanied or supported by the need to help those couples who, due to infertility or biological disability, cannot conceive children; In addition to this, there are a number of family circumstances that must be taken into account.

Becoming a pregnant woman is a totally voluntary and personal decision, that is, it is totally alien to outside opinions. However, this experience is not an easy subject to address impersonally with the family nucleus. Being a surrogate mother takes a long period of time, this time must be deducted from your daily activities and accept some hormonal changes taking into account the experiences of the mother during and after the entire pregnancy process.

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Effective communication is one of the fundamental pillars when addressing the issue with the family nucleus. The main thing is that the pregnant woman knows all the procedures and times, from the first consultations until her delivery, it is considered that the possible pregnant woman, before going to a specialized agency, participates in the family nucleus of all the results and processes that may occur, so that conditions can arise. If, after psychological tests and exams, you are certified as a surrogate mother candidate, you are only one final decision away from helping a waiting family.

The way to approach the subject will be subject to the constitution of the family, that is, to the members of the household. In many countries the consent of the spouse is required. Therefore, both must sign a document where they voluntarily approve the decision that has been made and an act of collaboration on the part of both to carry the pregnancy to term.

The husband or spouse agrees, through the signed document, to support the decision of the pregnant woman, understanding that from the beginning of the surrogacy there will be a reduction in time. In addition, one of the rules to be pregnant is to have had a child in a stable way before. The purpose of this factor is that it is psychologically and physically convenient for the couple to know the whole experience of a pregnancy, from

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This way we focus on what did not affect the relationship, if both parties communicate previously, expressing each other's points of view. There are relationships in which the couple does not agree, the fundamental thing in this type of case is to know the reasons that lead them to think this way, since they may have erroneous information about surrogacy.

Most of the specialized agencies have professional advice, so that the pregnant couple can opt for training, in order to know the role that the future pregnant woman plays in the whole process.

Emphasizing that the pregnant woman defends the right of those families that cannot gestate without the help of other means, the support of a pregnant woman brings to a new home the light of a child who will keep the genetic information with the future parents. Viewing surrogacy as an opportunity for humanity, rather than an individual benefit, is the vision that many women consider. And it has been shown that pregnant women with positive thinking towards collaboration have greater capacities and results in the psychological and preliminary tests they undergo. For pregnant women, where the family nucleus is older, the age of the children and the support they provide at home. (either from the couple or from some other member) should be taken into account.

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Caring for minors with a more delicate pregnancy should be an important point to study. Therefore, linking the partner or another family member in the process can make the experience more bearable.

In most cases, the minors do not understand what is happening, this can affect their self-esteem, if the mother does not provide them with the care that she provided them previously. For these situations, the facts should be presented with a vocabulary that they understand and involve them without affecting their feelings.

Being a surrogate mother implies constant appointments with the family doctor, periodic menstruation for the implantation of the fertilized ovum, verification of a positive pregnancy and subsequent treatment until the birth of the child.

These are stages that all women with previous experience are aware of, especially due to the hormonal load they must handle. Therefore, addressing the situation at home is essential to help minimize stress, a symptom that can be crucial in reducing any complications throughout the months of pregnancy.

Another reason that affects the family nucleus is the possible complications that the pregnant woman may encounter when practicing surrogacy. . This fear in many cases terrifies some members of the family and that is one of the reasons that causes the constant review of the pregnant woman.

The only way that surrogacy It can affect the family nucleus, it can occur to the extent that the necessary preparations are not taken, starting with a communication and breakdown of all the processes that are carried out, from the beginning of the program with the trusted agency until the baby is born .

For some it is a subject that may take a while to assimilate, but the expectant mother can always count on conversations with the doctor or get involved in online forums, where thousands of surrogates tell and rely on personal experiences.

Building an enriching path, which will end in the birth of a child for a family with that great dream.

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