Today motherhood has been postponed considerably worldwide, the ages of women who decide to start a family are higher compared to previous times. The circumstances that determine this fact are varied, some wait for the ideal moment, however, the economic, social and personal situation are the main factors that promote the decision to delay the pregnancy. 

We are in a century where information is easy to obtain, thanks to the internet and the different information platforms.

However, misconceptions and misinformation about fertility still coexist. Many specialists have made the decision to educate their patients on the concept of ovarian reserve , which is linked to the fertility of the woman. It is estimated that more than 60% of women are unaware of this term.

que es ovodonacion

Ovarian Reserve

The ovarian reserve is the indicator of the number of eggs that a woman has in her ovaries during her fertile stage. The ovarian reserve is finite and over the years it decreases with each menstruation. The amount of ovarian reserve of a woman directly influences the chances of getting pregnant.

Age is an extremely important factor in women, the older the fewer the number of eggs the woman will have, these are also sensitive to certain cancer treatments, genetic diseases, family history and early menopause, reducing the patient's ovarian reserve.

Is it important to know our ovarian reserves?

It is very important to have knowledge of our ovarian reserve, with this information we can make better decisions about our motherhood and achieve better success rates in our future.By being aware of our ovarian reserve, we can plan and get an idea of the time we have to achieve a successful pregnancy. It should be noted that from the age of 35 the chances of getting pregnant naturally are difficult, in these cases it is advisable to resort to assisted reproduction methods, where it is much more likely to get pregnant through an assisted reproduction method, than to continue trying it in a way natural.

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