Surrogacy treatment

Many couples discover each year that they have some difficulty getting pregnant or carrying the pregnancy to term. Under these circumstances they look for alternatives that lead them to know the range of options that exist today.

The methods that allow the possibility of conceiving with the help of third parties or some assistance techniques are varied and are subject to two fundamental aspects: The alteration that prevents them from procreating and the requirements of the couple.

If the difficulty comes from the woman, it will depend on what the specific problem is. If it is a case of infertility where pregnancy is not achieved, it is most likely that it requires intrauterine insemination, since the negative factor does not come from the uterus.

Some alterations can originate because the sperm do not reach the egg, due to an obstruction of the fallopian tubes or it can also occur due to poor quality eggs. This case is determined in the first sessions with the medical center (Celagem), and later the appropriate method is chosen.

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If the origin is infertility, the pregnancy cannot be carried to term. In these cases, surrogacy treatment is the recommended method. In general, the fault is found in the uterus, since its form does not allow access to sperm or endometriosis (The uterus tissue is formed elsewhere and the ovum cannot implant).

In the event that the woman presents the genetic material of low quality and her uterine cavity presents an alteration, surrogacy is carried out with egg donation, and the man contributes the sperm, in this case in vitro fertilization is used.

In the case of men, when they have infertility, it is derived from a low quality genetic material, obstructions in the testicles or some genetic problem. The common thing is a sperm donation so that the pregnancy can be carried out.

All these methods are put into practice, once other less tedious options have been studied. If the couple with a previous treatment, manages to give birth to a live child, the above treatment is not necessary.

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Hence the importance of previous examinations in couples, not only to know the problem, but also the treatments that can give rise to pregnancy without the need for third parties.

However, in cases where treatments have been tried without success, surrogacy or artificial insemination may be methods to consider. For many couples this is a difficult decision, and it is important to take the time and think it over between the two of you. This inability should not be taken as a disadvantage compared to others, since they have a possibility, offered by new ways to fulfill a dream, to be parents.

In the case of homosexual couples, it will depend on the marital nature and the internal problems they present.

Gay couples are recommended surrogacy treatment, as it allows them to donate their own genetic material so that the child has biological information on the intending parents. In this case they have two options to choose from, if they both have healthy genetic material, they can only donate only one or both, so that the identity of the child is unknown.


If one or both women have uterine difficulties, proceed by the surrogacy method, with the eggs that have a higher success rate.

Single-parent families can also make use of surrogacy. In the case of women, artificial insemination is another option they can choose.

All the options mentioned will depend on the medical examination that determines the disability of the person or couple. Each person is different, and the method that is chosen will come with an understanding of the exposed situation.

Not all methods will be 100% effective, but their error rate is always very low. In addition, there are specialized surrogacy centers for particular cases, for example, there are surrogacy centers that only focus on homosexual or heterosexual couples.

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Getting to know each other is the first step, annual exams are important, just as they must really have that desire that leads them to be parents. All the methods will require patience, control and good advice with experts trained to attend each of your requests, in addition to providing all the information they should know to continue with the surrogacy process and thus fulfill the common or individual dream of being parents.

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How do I know if surrogacy treatment is right for me and my family?