Coping with male sterility, when it comes to the male part, can be even more difficult than we understand, since male society is not prepared or informed about the possibilities that they have of being the negative factor for a pregnancy.

Male sterility

This anomaly is a problem that contains many unknowns, in addition to this, the biggest problem that arises from this diagnosis is the emotional load that is generated in the man or even the couple, so it must always be taken into consideration that it is fair in that moment where you face the problem with the support of your partner, is essential.

If after a few months of relationships with your partner without contraceptives or protection, pregnancy has not been achieved, it is recommended that you go to your trusted doctor, a fundamental factor since from there you can discard any erroneous information or assumption that they may be posing as a couple.

A large part of the male percentage attends due to the following symptoms:

  • Testicular, prostate, or sexual problems
  • Harmful medical records
  • Surgeries involving the reproductive area
  • Erection problems
  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Ejaculation problems.
  • Pain in the intimate area
  • Discomfort, lumps, or swelling in the testicular areas.
esterilidad masculina

In recommendation, it is important that you advise yourself on what you should do in advance before scheduling your consultation, since some exams must be scheduled under certain conditions for the result to be correct. Another recommendation is that you should write down every symptom you experience, personal information, family history with reproductive difficulties or fertility problems.

If you take supplements, medications, vitamins or other types of substances, you should also make it known to the treating doctor. The best thing for that consultation is that you attend under the company of your partner, to support possible answers or questions that remain in the analysis.

Approximately 15% of couples have infertility problems, which means that they cannot conceive a child despite sexual intercourse during those months. Male infertility is due to the fact that sperm production is not enough to achieve the pregnancy cycle.

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To achieve pregnancy, certain factors must be present, such as producing a functional and healthy sperm, a sufficient quantity of at least 39 million sperm per ejaculation, and the sperm must be correctly mixed with the semen at the time of ejaculation.

How can you face it in the right way?

These are the best strategies that will guarantee success during this stage that is a bit conflictive on an emotional and physical level, remember that first of all, they must receive a lot of support from their partner, maintain a healthy and natural lifestyle, where attempts are not affected. under concern for possible or already diagnosed infertility. Remember that currently there are programs, information, specialized agents and agencies that provide solutions, answers and support for possible alternatives that you can evaluate as a couple.

Treatment is not always the key to success.

Pregnancy, to be successful, often requires several attempts; A very common problem in these couples who have difficulties is that they focus on the problem or the circumstance, and do not really enjoy the moment. Therefore, when diagnosing fertility problems in the couple, treatment should not be the focus, since emotionally and monetarily the couple loses the sense of what they are trying.

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You must handle emotional stress.

During this stage, which can be a significant emotional burden, it is recommended that you practice exercises that help you reduce or control stress, they can be exercises such as yoga, massage sessions or meditations at home or in groups.

Don't try to suppress your emotions.

Each emotion that occurs during this process, express it with someone you trust or with your loved ones, avoid locking yourself inside negative emotions such as guilt, anger or sadness.

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Share your time with your loved ones.

Keep enjoying your days, the less time you have for stress, any result can improve. Have fun with your loved ones, they can be a great support during this stage to overcome these difficulties.

Individual and couples therapy can be really helpful.

Seek in therapy, the support of a professional who guides and encourages them under positive strategies and paths, performs relaxation training, relieves stress and expresses yourself individually or if you decide to attend together with your partner, listen to each other what both can express during that session

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Consider other alternatives

Something that can give you relief from that possible anxiety that you face as a couple is that currently there are many options that give them the opportunity to have children, they can choose adoption, surrogacy, sperm donation or any other type of reproductive care methods, where it is possible that the child they want to conceive will keep their biological information.

Keep trying

The only thing that can remain pink is that they have the freedom to keep trying, as we mentioned earlier, achieving a successful pregnancy requires several attempts, so the best thing for this would be to keep the fire in the relationship. During this stage, try to have sexual intercourse more frequently, avoid the use of any type of lubricant that prevents the correct functionality of the sperm and finally, calculate the time within the menstrual period, where conception is possible.

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How to deal with male sterility?