After making the decision to become intentional parents through assisted reproductive techniques, an important and decisive phase for the future of all family planning comes, and that is that we must find ourselves with the question of How to choose the best surrogacy agency?
The specialized agency There are many surrogacy companies, and when choosing the right one, it can become stressful and confusing, if you have never touched this terrain. At this time we are going to offer you useful tools so that you can choose and make the best correct decision based on your needs.

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How to start a surrogacy process?

Wanting to start the process is (by itself) a great start, as it shows your commitment to your dreams and the ease of ways to achieve it. In the initial phase, the first step is to contact a surrogacy center鈥 but which one?

  • Verify and establish the country where you want to carry out the surrogacy process, clearly depending on your needs. If the country of origin does not have restrictions Regarding practice, it is time to investigate the agencies that give you true confidence.
  • Many have websites to quickly facilitate the first contact before deciding, and most offer a completely free remote approach so you can learn more about them.
  • Otherwise, if surrogacy is prohibited in the country of origin, you should investigate suitable destinations. It can be the closest country or the surrogacy rates according to the budget established by you (including travel and accommodation).
  • Research surrogacy budgets depending on the chosen country. Often times the rates can vary significantly between countries. This fact does not mean that it is of higher or lower quality, since various factors such as the country's medical budget or its laws influence. If the surrogate mother is outside the altruistic modality, that is, with financial compensation, the contract will have a higher cost.
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Recommendations for choosing an agency.

In this sense, we recommend that, when choosing a specialized company, we must make sure that they have experience in the matter and at the same time can provide a response to the concerns that may be generated in the early stages of the process.

It is important to feel confident with the specialists and their agency, as it is an important moment for the future parents Therefore, the company must understand their feelings. An interesting fact is that some agencies specialize in all types of couples, which can be homosexual, heterosexual or single. This point can help you to rule out some companies that do not meet the ideal profile, as the case may be.

Another point to highlight is to know how far the surrogacy agency Regarding the legal documents of a new member of the family, whether the couple is in the country of origin or outside it. The legal documents when entering and leaving the process are extremely important and it is preferable to have an agency that can accompany them to avoid uncomfortable situations, such as the impossibility of returning to the country of origin or the non-recognition of the baby as the proper child of the intending parents.

For this reason, we emphasize verifying that the agency covers the legality , or on the contrary, they have to go to a specialized lawyer to start the procedure and experience surrogacy in a successful way and without unnecessary setbacks.

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The secret of a good surrogacy agency is to achieve three fundamental aspects:

  1. A great experience, proven, transparent and loyal to service.
  2. Reliable and complete in the service it offers, medical, legal and donation clinic.
  3. Willing to resolve the doubts of patients and provide intentional support, more than a company, it must be a center that solves a difficulty of many couples and people around the world.

Celagem vs surrogacy agencies

Celagem is one of the best known surrogacy agencies in the Colombian and Latin American territory, by national and international citizens, who every day place their trust in us to carry out the dream of being parents. Our main purpose is to know the expectations of patients and explain the process from experience, a point that has allowed us to continue improving and expanding to new homes.

We make the first remote contacts to answer the first questions before making a face-to-face appointment. We are aware that this experience can be novel for some patients, so we focus on building trust, so that they can open up to the new stage of being happily intentional parents.

Celagem has various rates and modalities to regularize the contract that are adapted to the patient and that are competitive with the current market, always offering a qualified quality of specialists and coordinators, who are updated with cutting-edge technologies, as well as continuous training.

Does the agency offer legal help?

The agency also addresses the legal issue of patients in 2 important areas. The rights of the surrogate mother and those of the little one. When the process begins, the pregnant woman must sign a contact that authorizes the delivery of the minor's rights to the patients so that they can soon enjoy full custody of the baby. Likewise, parents must sign a contract (similar to that of adoption) that allows them total freedom over the rights of the minor.

These two aspects are of importance in every surrogacy center with a minimum of experience, and in Celagem , we have more than 10 years of experience and presence in several countries. Colombia, United States, Mexico and Argentina.
It is important to us that parents are connected day by day with the progress of the new family member, for this reason we created a digital platform to stay informed of the phases of assisted reproduction treatment.

Thanks to our work, couples from different parts of the world have managed to form a family and live, by their own skin, the experience of being parents. It should be noted that we are not an end, we are the transport to the beginning of a new stage in their lives, that is why we are pleased and we will continue to improve, to reach more people who need our help.

At CELAGEM we are ready to fulfill your dream

We are specialists in solving fertility problems, In vitro fertilization or assisted reproduction. We want to show you some of our treatments that have your first appointment totally free.



How to choose the best surrogacy agency?