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How to be a mother after 40?

Forty is an age where many think that they will only have problems and risks to their health, but this is not entirely true, there are various studies carried out by prestigious universities, where they indicate the benefits that exist, of course there are risks in the process , like everything in life, but going to the correct specialists, and taking care of your health, you can achieve a successful pregnancy in the famous 40 years.

Based on a study by the University of Harvard, it was found that those women who had reached 100 years or more, the vast majority had something in common, had had a child after 40 years.

But we are talking about a physical level, the contrast is that you can have your personal ideals for which you decide to postpone your pregnancy until this age, as well as some personal project, perhaps also waiting for you to be financially stable, not to feel that you have a maternity bond, among many other reasons.

But if the idea that you want motherhood comes to pass through your mind, we will tell you the benefits, consequences and risks that you can have in the process, so that you can become a mother after 40.

Benefits of being a mother at 40

Something very common when looking for information related to pregnancy at 40 years of age, is that they focus on the risks that exist, which are present at this time, but it does not mean that there are no benefits.

There are several benefits that we can find, but you should know that above this, you should worry about your health, leading a healthy life, away from vices, such as smoking or drinking a lot of alcohol, avoiding leading a sedentary life, in addition to having a specialist who gives you the extra security you need to face this new stage, in this way this decision to be a mother at 40 will be more enjoyable.

madre despues de los 40.
  • The heart's blood pumping will increase up to 40% is a volume similar to that of high performance athletes.
  • All muscles are prepared to support the new increase in weight of the uterus and each one will increase the amounts of muscle fiber.
  • The bones will begin to increase in density, especially if the baby is already breastfeeding, due to the calcium that will be required at that time.
  • The skin will change and become more radiant and shiny, being more hydrated.
  • For the moment you will have a better emotional state and greater physical health.
  • Babies are proven to develop language better.
  • The conflicts that exist between parents and children are reduced in these cases.
  • It was known that on average there are up to 22% fewer cases in which your child can be accidentally injured when he was conceived at 40 years of age.

Something in common among all the investigations carried out by the different specialized centers and universities agree that mothers who have children at age 40 have better preparation to face challenges, have better experience, emotional stability, financial resources and a mature relationship, which together give a better growth to the baby.

Consequences of being a mother at 40

Despite the existence of benefits, we are also facing an age where there is a significant decrease in physical condition, both external and internal, which leads to various consequences. There are diseases that are known as degenerative, which are increasing over the years, of course, this may vary depending on how you have led your diet and lifestyle, since we can find cases with a mild or more acute degenerative process.

The main consequences that exist for this time between 35 to 40 years, are diabetes and hypertension, since an enlargement of the blood vessels and arteries can occur, generating complications at birth such as a premature pregnancy or due to Contrary to a delay in the growth of the baby.

If you have led a life where you smoked or are still smoking regularly, you should know that this closes your arteries, which increases your levels of bad cholesterol "LDL", putting your pregnancy at risk.

Being sedentary or having led a completely sedentary life is completely harmful, this increases the degenerative damage of your body, if with this we combine an incorrect diet, we can have high levels of sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol, so it is not possible to get a picture in our favor to be a mother at 40, since it will be a very risky pregnancy, both for the mother and for the baby.

Therefore, the importance of leading a healthy life is the best option to avoid the consequences in the future.

Risks of being a mother at 40

The risks are present in all those things that we propose to do, and they are not exempt for a pregnancy at 40 years of age, of course there are various risks of which some, due to age, can occur frequently, so it is very important perform all the check-ups that your specialist requests, as well as follow the guidelines that you can provide.

According to a study carried out by the world health organization (WHO) compiling information in a total of 29 countries, with data from 308,149 women who had already given birth, the risks that are likely to be in maternal age were obtained advanced, from 35 years onwards.

  • A premature birth can occur before 37 weeks.
  • Probabilities of a death during the child's pregnancy.
  • There are chances of a miscarriage.
  • There may be that the mother has complications, especially a near-death experience, known by the maternal term Near Miss – MNM.
que es la ovodonacion
  • Risk of suffering from gestational diabetes or antepartum bleeding.
  • Mortality risk 7 days after the baby was born.
  • You can be born with a low weight, which would be 2 kilos, this can trigger breathing problems, develop vision problems, and in the extreme, have brain bleeding.

We know that these are the risks that may exist, and yet when we look at world statistics, pregnancy in advanced age is on the rise, both in developed and developing countries. And it is that today there are more advanced technologies and ways to be able to do it in a safer way, reducing the risks that exist.

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How to be a mother after 40?