Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproduction for couples with infertility, whether they are heterosexual, homosexual or single couples, who are venturing into the process of becoming parents, but also face the cost of acquiring fertility treatment.

Therefore, surrogacy treatments are performed in specialized clinics, which provide their services and costs. You must bear in mind that the costs vary depending on the country and the services that each clinic offers, this will help you to review your budget and your search is more successful. You should also know that in several countries surrogacy is allowed and has different prices depending on the clinic or the agencies in charge of handling the treatments.

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Regulated countries for uterine surrogacy

There is regulated or authorized admission, that is, it is admitted only for altruistic purposes and under specific conditions, such is the case of the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico City, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Israel, Greece and New Zealand, and there is tolerated admission, that is, countries where there is no exhaustive regulation, but in which it is not expressly prohibited, is the case of India, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, some states of the United States, Argentina, Colombia, among others.

Colombia a country for surrogacy

Depending on the budget available, it should be noted that today, there are several countries that have established expert clinics on fertility issues and to which anyone without any distinction can access and if it is necessary to travel to the country to start all the treatment .

It is possible to travel to a country that meets your expectations and budget, but the most important thing is that you can realize the dream of being a parent. Since in several countries there is no regulation that allows surrogacy and for this reason there are many foreign couples who fulfill their dream outside their country.

Three previously defined regulatory frameworks for this practice have been found: there is the absolute prohibition, that is, countries where it is expressly prohibited in any of its modalities and purposes, of this modality can be mentioned as examples, Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland.

Colombia is one of the countries that is gaining strength day by day in matters related to fertility, it also has an established regulation against surrogacy, and of course it has clinics and places specialized in the subject, such as our clinic CELAGEM that is in the capacity to offer you the best possibilities to fulfill the objective that you long for.

Surrogacy treatment begins from the moment the decision has been made to carry it out, the clinic has been established, the surrogate woman chosen to carry the pregnancy, so the costs may vary depending on the clinic, some more expensive than others. For instance:

United States 鈧 110,000 鈥 鈧 160,000 Greece 鈧 75,000 鈥 鈧 85,000 Canada 鈧 100,000 鈥 鈧 110,000 Ukraine 鈧 50,000 鈥 鈧 60,000 Russia 鈧 60,000 鈥 鈧 80,000 Georgia 鈧 50,000 鈥 鈧 60,000 Colombia 鈧 50,000 鈥 鈧 55,000 Mexico 鈧 50,000 鈥 鈧 65,000 Argentina 鈧 50,000 鈥 鈧 55,000

Basically these budgets can vary depending on the treatment, how complicated or easy it is, the internal regulations that each clinic has and the expenses that each country has for the treatment.

What does this cost include

Depending on the clinic and the services it can provide, this process has the following characteristics, allowing the development of a good treatment.

The costs include:

  • An individual or couple diagnostic exam.
  • Ultrasounds and follow-up consultations required in the treatment.
  • Embryology service, laboratory, which corresponds to the assets and culture media
  • The chosen treatment is the case from a in vitro fertilization , artificial insemination or whatever treatment is required by your specialist.
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What additional expenses could you have

Like any treatment that requires a medical process, it is worth bearing in mind that additional costs may be generated, which you must take into account, and that the clinic itself will not cover.

That is why it is important that when you are looking for the clinic, you review and take into account what the clinic covers or does not cover, since this will help you to have a greater focus on all the costs that you must take into account before, during and after treatment.

Next, we will focus on the additional costs that may be incurred:

  • Lodging and food, if you have to travel from one country to another.
  • If there is any complication and you need a medical service, it will be the responsibility of the person.
  • Complications during or after pregnancy that can resort to additional expense so that the pregnancy can continue effectively.
  • All the expenses that the surrogate mother has, food, clothing, medical checks, is paid by the parents who are undergoing the treatment.
  • If necessary lawyers for the entire legal issue of the process.

The surrogate mother receives a payment

When you are clear about the fertility treatment that you are going to undergo, the doctor has already informed you of the entire process, and tells you that an external figure is necessary to start surrogacy, which is in charge of the gestation process. know as a surrogate or surrogate mother who altruistically is the one who will carry the entire pregnancy process, for the people who have taken the treatment, who will be responsible for the expenses of the person, that is, month by month the surrogate mother will receive a financial help so that you can carry the pregnancy in optimal physical and mental conditions.

Depending on the type of contract, determined by the preferences of the participants and the country's legislation, the pregnant woman may receive reimbursement for the expenses incurred by the pregnancy or financial compensation.

The costs may vary depending on how the treatment process develops, but if you have the desire and have the means to carry it out, you can achieve it by always looking for the best alternative. If you have had some type of savings or if you have been motivated to start saving, keep in mind that it is a first step to fulfill the dream of having a family.

It is an issue that is not taken lightly, since the treatments can become effective, but there is also the option that there are complications during pregnancy and it may all end, and you have to start over with the treatment generating another expense that you had not contemplated. That is why it is important to always keep in mind these two possibilities of whether the treatment will work or not.

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