Having twins is possible!

In vitro fertilization and artificial insemination are the most valued techniques in terms of twin pregnancies. These methods focus on the high probability of pregnancy, discarding genetic material that is defective and controlling internal conditions so that an optimal and healthy pregnancy occurs.

In all clinical centers and in most of these techniques, it is sought to reduce twin or twin pregnancies, due to the hormonal and physical load of the mother. The high risks and the care that the patient must take are important to get pregnant without subsequently harming the health of the future mother.

This does not prevent the mother from sharing the desire for twins by her own decision, it is an acceptable decision as long as her health and internal conditions are in her favor. This request occurs to a greater extent, when the mother previously tried to gestate but could not carry the pregnancy to term and it is a very great reason for joy if the opportunity to be a twin mother presents itself.

Some couples are unaware that there are two types of twin pregnancies, and depending on this, the physical resemblance may or may not be the same, here at Celagem we teach you how through assisted reproduction you can have the possibility of having twins:

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  • Monozygotic twins (same): It occurs when the pair develops within the same embryo, sharing the same genetic information. From there comes the physical resemblance such as sex or skin color.
  • Bicigot twins (twins): The only thing they share is pregnancy, zygotes are different and therefore their genetic information as well. They can be of different sex and their physical characteristics vary greatly. They can be seen as two brothers with the same age due to the lack of similarity.

Pregnancies of any twin origin cannot be anticipated, although they can be controlled as best as possible. Inseminating the uterus with more than two embryos in the case of in vitro fertilization, or controlling the hormonal conditions of the future pregnant woman so that she releases more than one mature ovum, in the case of artificial insemination.

Having twins if possible thanks to our treatments, At Celagem we are experts in In Vitro fertilization and assisted reproduction treatments.

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

This technique is performed with ovarian stimulation, using hormones that release mature oocytes that are candidates for fertilization, then, in the laboratory, sperm and oocytes are selected with high success rates for embryonic development to occur. In case all the oocytes are not used, they are frozen or donated depending on future family planning.

24.4% of IVF pregnancies are twins, being for some couples an unexpected surprise. This is due to the fact that inseminating with a single embryo strongly reduces the chances of success, and as it is a practice that continues to develop, each couple should consult with the doctor to avoid risks in the pregnant woman.

Twin pregnancies by IVF are mostly bizygous, since more than two embryos are transferred, which can develop twins. However, it seeks to control the environment so that only one embryo can be transferred, avoiding an unwanted twin pregnancy.

If the couple wishes to have twins, a clinical study of the woman's conditions is carried out, characteristics such as age, diet or previous pregnancies are considered relevant for the doctor in charge.

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Artificial insemination (AI)

Artificial Insemination AI is usually defined as a less complicated method compared to IVF. It begins with ovarian stimulation, controlling the woman's ovulation, and after selecting the sperm, the uterus is inseminated and fertilization takes place.

For the pregnancy to be twins, it must be stimulated in a different way (a higher amount of hormones) that ensure two or more oocytes in ovulation. In case of identical twins, it must be a mature oocyte and high quality sperm.

What makes these practices an option with a high success rate are all the controls that lead to pregnancy. Although work continues on multiple pregnancies. The percentage of twin pregnancies is around 10.6

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%. Twin pregnancy with an assisted reproductive technique has the same risk as if it is done naturally, and the conditions after the affirmative pregnancy test will depend on gestational health. Early rest periods and a balanced diet are essential to enjoy the experience.

The human body is highly variable and complex, which is why controlling all internal conditions requires many studies and knowing each hormone and cell. At present, instruments have been a fundamental factor, since they reduce possible failures so that only the uterus is inseminated with an embryo.

Natural Twin Pregnancy

In general, natural twin pregnancies are made up of certain essential factors for their development:

  • Family inheritance: Many times the medical history increases the chances of having twins.
  • The ideal age: Women at 33 years of age, release hormones in greater quantity, with a scope to release two oocytes or develop an identical twin pregnancy.
  • Weight: Body mass indexes above its ideal are beneficial for developing a twin pregnancy, with a greater ability to release two mature oocytes for fertilization.
  • Food: Healthy eating is a diagnosis of better twin rates, consuming a variety of foods and vitamins.
  • Previous births: It is rare for a twin pregnancy to be a first time, usually after one or more previous births.
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It is important to know all the mechanisms before choosing the desired option, in the same way the doctor will determine if it is possible in each case, for the health of the patient and the conditions that it could trigger. A twin pregnancy involves its risks, even so, many women have managed to enjoy this gratifying experience, increasing their family nucleus.

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