NOVEMBER It will be the month of social participation policies in health, so we invite you to stay connected so that you know more about this important topic.

You will know among other topics:

  • What is a health participation policy?
  • What are the topics on which I can comment and participate?
  • How can I participate?

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But what is a policy?

The policy is defined as: “(…) projects and activities that a State designs and manages through a government and a public administration, in order to satisfy the needs of a society”. Policies make it possible to respond to the needs of groups and populations.

In the case of social participation in health, these needs refer to situations or conditions that prevent, affect, weaken citizens from influencing or deciding on the right to health.

Your right to health does not only imply care, it also includes the access you have to services and the quality with which those services are provided to you.

politica salud

So what duties does the policy set?

The state MUST guarantee social participation in the health system and citizens MUST appropriate the mechanisms to exercise their fundamental right to health.

How can I participate?

DECREE 780 OF 2016 Article . User alliances or associations The User Alliance or Association is a group of affiliates of the contributory and subsidized regime, of the general social security health system, who have the right to use health services, in accordance with their affiliation system, which They will ensure the quality of the service and the defense of the user.

participacion ciudadana

What other sectors participate in the PPSS and how do they do it?

  • The State: providing resources and tools for participation, norms, spaces for participation and budget.
  • Citizens: getting informed and participating using the available mechanisms.
  • EPS health sector companies: educating the patient and opening spaces for participation, such as user associations.

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Did you know that you have a voice in health policies in your country?