In various parts of the world today, we find countries that restrict and prohibit affective and sentimental relationships with people of the same sex, putting laws, even punishments for the simple fact of not being within the parameters, of what they consider as “normal”, thus causing their human rights to be violated and not respected, which has led to the formation of groups around the world, to raise a voice of protest against the repressions and inequalities that the LGBTIQ community have experienced.

"everyone deserves the freedom to be who they want to be, regardless of who they love or how they identify"

For this reason, many people have set their eyes on these problems and have not been oblivious to it, used their media influence on social networks and the media, to promote a collective conscience that supports and seeks that we can all live in harmony and our rights are respected.

Currently many figures in the world have shown support to the community LGTBIQ , is the case Lewis hamilton a British car driver, who has excelled in his professional career, won important car events such as Formula 1, in which he has an impeccable career and has been worthy of great triumphs, victories and recognition in the field of sport of motorsports.

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But beyond his important career, he has also been a person aware of the different problems that exist in the world, using his public figure, as an influence to support the various initiatives in favor of human rights, he has repeatedly demonstrated his support and their social and environmental activism, promoting and publicizing their position on controversial and environmental issues to promote the awareness of many people.

Hamilton has questioned the racial politics in Formula 1, which he has often felt as the first black driver to compete in Formula 1 and has used that scenario to promote his activism.

"I think we are all aware that there are problems in certain countries we go to and particularly in this part of the world"

Thus, during the first free practice sessions at the Qatar Grand Prix, the British pilot surprised everyone with a new design that he wore on his helmet, representing the colors of the rainbow, symbol of the flag of the LGBTIQ community and with a phrase on the back of his helmet: "We stand together" (we stick together), where he expresses his support for the community and spoke publicly about human rights and racial problems that exist in the world.

For that reason Hamilton continues to promote its activism and did so to raise its voice, in a country like Qatar, since it is a country that has a worrying record regarding human rights and its policies and laws are very harsh against the population LGTBIQ , since they condemn homosexuality or relations with another person of the same sex, imposing punishments such as jail on men and women who publicly demonstrate and state their sexual condition.

“These countries need scrutiny and the media needs to talk about these things. Equal rights is a serious problem ”

In this way, Hamilton shows his support and commitment to protect the rights of the LGBTIQ community, through his work since his message of support can reach all parts of the world, where the essential thing for him is to generate awareness and that many more people join this movement for the fight for your rights.

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Because these events are important to the rights to build a family

These events are important because they raise a precedent in the face of a struggle that has been going on for years and that allows us to take a different look at how, in the 21st century, human rights problems continue to persist, repressing the possibility of building families outside the rules. established as traditional.

It is necessary to create awareness towards the diversity of people, so that the message can reach many people and that countries can change their rules and laws in favor of respect, equality, equity and diversity of people.

In the same way, many people and couples have sought to build their own families, freely and openly, under the protection of their rights, regardless of their sexual condition and the state must be the one that can guarantee them the integral protection of being able to constitute a family, without so much prejudice and autonomously.

To conclude, we highlight the importance that many people have sought to help and raise their voices as a form of protest against injustices and inequalities, through symbolic actions, but with a great emotional and power load, so that we support these initiatives. and seek a more inclusive and conscious world, to find the best solutions to all the problems that are present in the world.

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Lewis Hamilton and his support for LGBTIQ rights