At first, surrogacy was only available to heterosexual couples, with some inability to carry out pregnancy. With the advancement of society and laws in some countries, same-sex couples can also opt for this benefit.

Surrogacy and homosexuality is an issue that links two highly controversial words in various countries of the world, and from different times.

On the one hand, homosexuality is an issue that is still being fought in some countries.They seek the recognition of equal rights, such as sexual orientation without discrimination, the right to free marriage or concubinage, the annulment of those laws that classify relationships of this nature as a crime or also the right to form a family. As well as many others that are prohibited today, in many parts of the world.

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Same-sex parents and uterine surrogacy

Surrogacy is one of the rights demanded by thousands of couples, who every year seek the opportunity to become parents. It is the most frequented technique among intentional future parents, this is due to the help that medicine and genetics provide so that the baby has biological information about the parents, and continues to transcend other generations.

However, and every year, many couples must look for alternative countries to make surrogacy possible. Not only because in your country the law is prohibited, but because they restrict its use in same-sex couples.

Under these circumstances to which couples are subjected, other countries have chosen to legalize the rights of all citizens, benefiting from laws that protect the rights not to be excluded and discriminated against by society.

It is the case of Colombia , which since 2011 has begun an egalitarian legislation for this sector of society, and in 2016 declared marriage between couples of the same sex legal. The subject of surrogacy has not had a law that restricts or approves the practice, being impartial, both for homosexual and heterosexual couples.

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Colombian agencies specialized in surrogacy must be a participant in all the necessary legal and medical procedures, so that the couple does not have problems both in the development of the surrogacy and their subsequent return. The agency is aimed at couples of the same sex, both from the interior of the country and foreigners who contact us throughout each year, to schedule their appointment and budget.

Homosexuality and surrogacy have evolved over time, and just as homosexuality has been fighting for more time among citizens, surrogacy unleashes controversy over the change in legislation that must be addressed.


For many couples the opportunity to become parents is a dream, and they look forward to the day that the state allows them to practice surrogacy freely. There are countries that only allow surrogacy with an altruistic purpose. This prevents it from being symbolized as a commercial act, the help of the mother who gestated the child.

Homosexual couples have the opportunity to transmit their genetic information with in vitro fertilization (IVF), this technique consists of obtaining an egg donor who has a high compatibility with the couple, to avoid failure rates in fertilization. For this process, the couple undergoes a series of tests that the doctor determines.


For gay couples, sperm donation is a decision for both of you to make. If anyone is infertile, only one of the intended parents will have the option of being the donor.

But if the couple is fertile, they choose two options: decide if only one carries the genetic material, or both will be donors of their male gametes. In the latter case, the couple will not have knowledge of who will be the biological father. The ovum is fertilized, and it is introduced into the uterus of the surrogate mother who will carry the pregnancy.

Everything is explicit in the start-up contract, and it is extremely important to know all the points and possible eventualities that may arise. Each agency determines the procedures, however. Intentional parents are encouraged to have additional money.

Every day surrogacy improves assisted reproductive techniques, but there are many alterations that can occur, not only in IVF. The course of the pregnancy is also controlled so that both he and the surrogate mother are not harmed.

In the case of female partners, they can opt for the method known as receiving the couple's oocytes, in which both participate in the process of fertilization and gestation. One of them will provide the eggs, to be fertilized with the donated sperm that resemble the characteristics of the donor couple. Then the egg of the second couple that will produce the pregnancy is inseminated. Thus, both share the process.

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There are several options that each homosexual couple, depending on their abilities, can choose, always defending their rights to the legal practice of these techniques and demonstrating that the laws can change as the world advances.

Humanity is witnessing important changes in the concept of family, and the surrogacy agencies They are improving their methods to reach the largest number of people with some biological alteration or natural impossibility of creating their own family nucleus.

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Gay parents and surrogacy