Do you want to become a mother in 2021?

Many women have dreamed or imagined motherhood since they were little girls or from some specific stage of their lives. And it is that the experience gives a special turn to our lives once the pregnancy is achieved.If you are already anxious to reach motherhood, you should take into account that although it is a stage full of great emotion, there must be good planning. So if you think that the perfect time to achieve it will be in this 2021, I do not know what to say more, find the best advice and seek the advice of the experts.

What does it mean to be a mother in 2021?

As we already know, we are going through a strong pandemic, declared in March 2020 and persisting so far in 2021. Despite this, some women cannot cope with this situation, and on the other hand, other women confirm that it is possible to adapt to this new reality.

Although they are truly difficult times, since everything lies in isolations and curfews; The desire of many couples continues to be fully alive, and this desire is about bringing a new family member into their lives.

Have you not achieved pregnancy in previous years?

Pregnancy is a completely personal and responsible decision, sometimes the moment is planned and at other times it comes as a surprise. For this reason we understand that many women, due to age, profession or stability factors, have not gone through the anxiety of achieving pregnancy.

But if not, could it be due to a fertility problem? Do you have a same-sex partner? Are you single or single?

If those were the factors that prevented you from achieving pregnancy years ago, we have excellent news for you, you can still do it!

convertirte en madre

At CELAGEM we are willing to achieve and celebrate with you, that magnificent stage, we are a clinical center specialized in fertility and assisted reproduction treatments. We have an expert and trained team to meet each of the requests, providing quick response, advice and legal attention.

This year 2021 despite the pandemic, which still keeps us all in expectations, it seems to continue with total normality in the assisted reproduction centers, taking into account that the disinfection protocol and permanence in our center is totally strict, we have managed to continue with the processes already established.

We also highlight that studies have not yet proven that there is any transmission of the covid-19 virus from mother to baby, either through pregnancy or breastfeeding. This generates, in some way, the necessary relief to continue providing our support and the best energy for our patients.

If you are looking for answers to any fertility complication, take into account that it will be essential to make an appointment at least once; The personalized attention of a Celagem expert can clarify the fertile situation you are going through.

convertirte en madre 2021

Remember that for each difficulty, there are different treatments and programs that are applied in order to obtain the expected results. Celagem has treatments such as artificial and natural insemination, in vitro fertilization, the ROPA method and special programs for Pomeroy and Egg Donation.

Is it advisable to choose 2021?

This 2021 can be the best year if you decide so, that is the most determining and individual factor of each woman. If you feel that this is the case, it is all that matters, remember that you must still consider that the fundamental thing is to keep your actions fully planned and conducive to the new environment that you and your baby will experience, for this 2021.

At CELAGEM we are ready to fulfill your dream

We are specialists in solving fertility problems, In vitro fertilization or assisted reproduction. We want to show you some of our treatments that have your first appointment totally free.



Do you want to become a mother in 2021?