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How is the sex of the baby determined?

Knowing how nowadays the sex of a baby can be known is totally interesting, however it is not the same scenario where the result is obtained in the months of pregnancy, but on the contrary, it happens before even becoming pregnant.It is taken into account that the probability of having a girl or a boy is determined by genetics, and everything lies in the sperm, which carries the chromosome X Y Y Therefore, it has been possible to take advantage of the normal time of sex disclosure. If you are interested, we will explain it to you below.

Who determines the sex of the baby?

To understand how the sex of the baby is determined, you must know that both women and men have 23 pairs of chromosomes for a total of 46. In both sexes the first pair of chromosome is the same being X , but for the second pair, there is a difference.

In women the second factor is X, unlike men that is Y , giving together XX equal to women and XY equal to men, on this basis, we explain how the sex of the baby is determined.

It is essential to talk about gametogenesis, its function is to generate the cells in charge of sexuality, for men they are sperm and women are ovules, in this context the gametes of both are the only part that has 23 pairs of chromosomes, and when the sperm fertilizes the ovum is when the zygote is created, forming the 46 pairs.

For the ovum it is easy to recognize it since it always has the chromosomes X , but as for sperm this can vary, they can carry both the chromosome Y like the chromosome X At this point is where the magic of determining your sex happens.

Just at that moment that the sperm fertilizes the ovum, the sex is determined according to the type of chromosome it carried, thus creating the resulting zygotes which can be XY or XX. 

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The probability of having a boy or a girl according to genetics

A very common question, and the truth, is that there is no probability for sure, or that it is proven according to scientific data to give a clear answer, but there are certain suggestions that could help you if you want to have a girl or a boy.

It is known that sperm with the chromosome Y have more speed and move more easily in an alkaline environment, whereas the sperm with the chromosome X, it is considerably slower but with a strong resistance to the same environment, they even have much longer life.

So everything depends on the day of maintaining sexual intercourse, if in the female cycle of the woman, the ovum is already in the fallopian tubes, by speed, the chromosomes should arrive faster Y , resulting in a male pregnancy, but if, on the contrary, the ovum is still in the female tract, the chances of having a girl are higher due to the capacity of the chromosomes X to resist in an alkaline environment.

If your partner has not ovulated, the pregnancy is likely to result in a girl, but in case of ovulation it is more likely a male pregnancy, but as explained at the beginning, a scientific foundation is not maintained and therefore it is a hypothesis, it is something more of chance and we cannot decipher it so easily.

What can I do to choose the sex of the baby?

Currently it is possible, and there is a method, this technique has a 60% success rate according to different studies, which makes it more likely to have a child with the desired sex, it is all about having sexual intercourse in stipulated times, as we already know chromosomes Y are faster compared to X, Starting from this base, we explain what you should do.

If you want a girl you should know when your ovulation days are and have sex between 4 or 5 days before your period, as a couple you should try to choose a position in which you do not have such a deep penetration, with this there is a greater number odds for sperm with chromosomes X.

But if what you want in a man, you must have sexual intercourse at least 1 day before ovulation, with a deeper penetration, it is important to add that you should not wear very tight underwear, and avoid a sedentary lifestyle, as this affects sperm. 

Being a technique with different studies, it is not supported by science so the probabilities are not so exact. But if you want a much more exact method, with the help of a healthcare reproduction center, Celagem manages to answer using the Ramzi method.

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What is the Ramzi method?

The Ramzi method, is a way of knowing the sex of the baby from the sixth week, has a very high probability of success, in the case of 97.5% females and 97.2% of being a male, it is not through no superstition if not scientifically based, that is why the realization of this method is very popular. In addition to being non-invasive, so it does not harm the health of the mother or the baby.

To perform it, it is enough only with an ultrasound and the knowledge of a doctor who must have the ability to interpret the results of the ultrasound, is based on the position of the placenta and in the place where what is known as the villus of the chorion.

For the male sex, the chorionic villus must be developing on the right, only this information is needed and the possibility or margin of error is minimal.

In the case of the female sex, the placenta together with the chorionic villus must be developing to the left.

It is a simple method, being essential to do it after the sixth week in order to better appreciate the development of the embryo and have better detail to tell you safely the sex of your future child.

IVF and sex determination

With the in vitro fertilization assisted reproduction method, it is possible to choose the sex, with 100% success, making the preimplantation diagnosis, and it is not only useful to choose the sex, through this process different pathologies and diseases can be avoided generational to prevent their progress towards your children.

But how do they make it possible? It all begins by performing the in vitro fertilization procedure, the woman must produce a sufficient amount of eggs, which will be extracted, for subsequent fertilization in the laboratory

As we mentioned previously, the chromosomes are what determine the sex of the child, for a woman the chromosomes are XX and for men they are XY , therefore the ovules of women are always X and sperm are the ones that carry both a chromosome X like one Y, so sex is given by the sperm.

This process consists of enriching the semen of the sperm with the sex chromosomes that the couple wants, through a study, where the chromosomes X are larger than chromosomes Y, By enriching the semen of a specific one, the number of desired chromosomes is increased. Being subsequently introduced to the ovary through artificial insemination, on average, the successful results are around 80 and 90%.

But there is still a technique which gives 100% success, known as the genetic diagnosis preimplantation It is done when the ovum has already been fertilized, a sample of the ovules is taken and with this we can see the chromosomes, to ensure the sex that the couple wishes to have.

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How is the sex of the baby determined?