Parents who resort to the surrogacy method, that is, the intended parents, are generally first-time, so they seek all possible information about how and where to hire and carry out a complex methodology, from the hand of true experts and with the possibility of a filiation for the baby.

So if you have already made the decision to take this great step to start a new family, you are only a few details to define and establish.

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Colombia to be an Intentional Father?

In addition to the significant position taken by the intended future parents, each of them, regardless of the case for which they resort to the methodology, must comply with the duty to take into account certain aspects, such as: those of each method, the social, psychological, economic and aspects such as legal.

On Colombia This alternative of surrogacy is valid for no less than 30 years in practice. And it should be noted that this process in the country so far does not have clear legislation, so there is no definition of the processes or regulations for its practice. However, there are some ideas of regulation which allow the human rights of each of the people involved in the process to be controlled and fully guaranteed.

Taking into account the processes or the purpose for which the couple decides to opt for this methodology, we give you extensive information about the surrogacy in Colombia to choose it as one of your main destinations to become an intentional parent

Colombia as a destination for surrogacy and intentional parents.

In Colombia you can choose Celagem because it has professionals specialized in all clinical treatments and expert surrogacy management, so our purpose is to make the dream of forming a family from Colombia a reality. Some of the best aspects that Colombia has as a Surrogacy destination are the following:

  • Although several countries are counted where this methodology is legal or recommended, only Canadian legislation allows a homosexual couple to have access to this method. However, in Colombia, heterosexual and homosexual couples have the same rights and obligations under the law, so the right of procreation is in favor of both genders without distinction or restriction of their sexual preference.
  • It is a country that already has births by this methodology, therefore all the successful cases of the applications of each intentional father have already been registered, so you have an excellent response at each stage of the application.
  • At Celagem we provide you with all the support and advice you need in a reliable, legal and safe way, fulfilling this process from start to finish.
  • Colombia has experienced medical professionals and high biosafety standards. Celagem has all the Invima national permits, and the Clinical authorizations that guarantee processes with the highest quality standards, we also take care of providing well-being and safety, verifying and taking care of the health and treatment of the pregnant woman and the future baby .
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  • Legal procedures in Colombia are efficient and reliable. From the beginning to the end, you have lawyers, psychologists and experts for the legal management and documentation inherent to the process and the baby's parentage, where a contract is responsibly defined where all the terms are clarified at the time of the registration that is executed once the child comes into the world.
  • Colombia highly protects the right of the pregnant woman and the intentional father, and for no reason are the parties treated as an object, since the participation of both parties is fundamental and legally they have an equitable level in this situation.
  • Unlike other countries, Colombia has a cheaper offer to offer intentional parents an opportunity to start their own family.

Undoubtedly, Colombia is one of those recommended destinations to carry out surrogacy, as long as it is carried out in an agency, under strict professional supervision that gives you full attention in the surrogacy process. For more information about the viability and safety of this methodology, Celagem is attentive to give you more personalized information about our processes and treatments.

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Why choose Colombia to be an Intentional Parent?