The fundamental nucleus of society since the beginning of time is the family, it should be noted that throughout the years it is normal to hear that for some men or women, carrying out their decision and nature of procreating can be difficult and some cases unaffordable, which is why it has been used thanks to studies and advances in scientific methods, assisted reproductive techniques, techniques that are totally efficient and safe, to provide the opportunity to each couple who dreams of forming their own family.

Currently, this advance in science on the assisted reproduction technique has managed to generate a great variety of alternatives for those people who cannot conceive naturally. These technological, social and scientific advances make it possible to solve infertility or other applicable problems, which is why the field of medicine is considering a useful tool and possibility.

This choice by the surrogacy method is generally not the first choice of each couple. However, making this decision involves a source of correct information, commitment, and hopes of starting your own family. And if in this case, if you are familiar with the subject, you are also interested in knowing where you can safely achieve, carry out the request for assistance.

Colombia It is one of the Latin American countries where the assisted reproduction or surrogacy technique is viable, safe and responsible. With numerous cases of success, Colombia is the destination for those couples who seek this medical and legal assistance, in addition, it is one of the few current countries that do not have distinction in the couple, whether this is a heterosexual couple and in some cases homosexual.

In Colombia, the family can be constituted by natural or legal ties, it is established as a free decision of the man and the woman, either by decision of a married couple or by responsible will.

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Colombia guarantees the integral protection of each family, showing that their honor, privacy and dignity are totally inviolable elements, based on equal rights and duties. Agreeing that the couple has the right to decide responsibly the number of their children, supporting and educating them; and children within or outside marriage, whether they be naturally procreated, adopted or with scientific collaboration, also have the same rights and duties in Colombian law.

Unlike other countries, in the Colombian legal system there is no pronounced prohibition for this type of contract or agreement. But of course it is an agreement that carries responsibility and has been considered as legally legitimized, by virtue of the express constitution as indicated above, that children born naturally or with scientific assistance, have equal rights and duties.

Access to this medical procedure in Colombia is becoming more and more frequent, on the one hand, it is presented by the increase in sterility and on the other hand, by the rights that same-sex couples who seek support to access the paternity. The procedures in Colombia once the baby is born are similar to the procedures that are carried out for adoption.

In this way, Colombia is the destination to provide solutions to couples, men or women, who wish to ensure their correct offspring and the future administration of the heritage reserved by each of the parents.

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In Colombia they manage to access this methodology, with much more accessible prices than in any other, regardless of the methodology you use for surrogacy, the cost of it is always and in all cases, without losing quality and safety, much more economic.

It should be noted that the use of this medical and legal assistance to fulfill the desire of a family from Colombia implies a series of factors that must be considered under the budget, for example:

  • The request of the pregnant woman that can be under a paid or totally altruistic contract
  • Methodology used for surrogacy.
  • The medical budget for general care, childbirth and postpartum
  • Lodging in the Colombian nation
  • Legal assistance and management

Another point in favor is that Celagem has its main headquarters in Bogota, Medellín and other cities in Colombia, we take care of every step and provide you with excellent advice, before and after making this decision. You have personalized, responsible and professional attention. We accompany you in the process from start to finish, affiliating you with our best allies in medical assistance to develop the process, a system that offers you a wide range of choices to carry out your request.

In Colombia, Celagem develops and commits with each applicant couple, intentional and pregnant father, to offer you the best options, where each party involved has an effect on the agreement of free and total will. Your best option at your fingertips, with professionals and high quality service, committed to the desire and dream of forming your own family and living the best experience at the same time.

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