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What care do I need during a ROPA method treatment?

The ROPA method or Reception of Oocytes from the Couple, is a type of assisted reproduction, it is directed and focused on female couples who want to carry a pregnancy together, it is currently in high demand thanks to the positive result of successful pregnancies.

The method consists in that one of the couples will be the egg donor and the other member of the couple will be the recipient of the eggs, who will take care of the growth of their future baby, in this way we achieve that both participants are biological mothers. . Different cares must be taken into account to achieve a better result.

Having a correct diet, exercising, avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol are essential actions to have a successful pregnancy, when you take these points into account and go to your specialist at the times indicated, you increase the chances of having a successful pregnancy.

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Feeding during the stimulation phase

The stimulation of the ovaries is one of the most important stages of the ROPA method, remember that one of the members of the couple will be in charge of donating the eggs, so they must be well developed and in perfect condition, one of the factors The main ones to achieve this is to resort to the famous Mediterranean food.

The data support this information, in particular, different studies carried out by Harvard University, the Mediterranean diet is varied which has different fruits, vegetables and fish that stimulate in a natural and beneficial way different hormones responsible for the development of the ovules. So we tell you what are those foods that you should add to your food plates.

  • Walnuts : Walnuts contain different antioxidants that give your eggs a better quality.
  • Lettuce and spinach: Especially those green leafy vegetables that contain folic acid, these are rich in iron and calcium, improving the development of our ovules.
  • Avocado: It is an essential food if your objectives are to stimulate and improve the quality of your ovaries, they contain vitamin E, which increases your fertility.
  • Vegetables: The best you can choose are lentils, they contain high levels of folic acid with iron, resulting in better ovulation.
  • Fruit: Some fruits such as pineapple, orange, carrot and pumpkin contain what is known as beta-carotene, this is the substance that covers the ovum protecting it.
  • Blueberries : Blueberries are very important in your diet, they give a better implantation of the ovum in the uterus.
  • The grenade: Pomegranate in particular has natural estrogens, which are linked to fertility capacity.
  • The cinnamon: Cinnamon has different purposes, from improving the growth of the ovum, to being of excellent help for women who suffer from polycystic ovaries.
  • The salmon: It contains a large amount of omega 3, it also helps to regulate your eggs. Stimulating healthy eggs.

These foods must be included in your diet, if you have plans to start the ROPA method, you must maintain a balanced meal that favors the growth and quality of your eggs, to complement this diet, it is totally advisable that you avoid eating processed foods or with many chemicals.

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Can I exercise?

Exercising when we are in the process of the ROPA method is possible, as long as you do it under the approval of your specialist, there are multiple benefits when exercising, such as preventing diseases, reducing body fat, improving your lung capacity and you keeps in good physical and mental condition.

Performing some physical activity, during an assisted reproduction method, such as the ROPA method, does not become an impediment. You just have to keep in mind that it is not possible to perform high impact exercises.

The most recommended exercises or activities can be Yoga, Walking, Pilates and Swimming. The set of these exercises can help you with relaxation, achieve a better result in your breathing and are perfect for meditation.

On the other hand, and in general, when the first stage of ovarian stimulation is completed, it is the time when physical activity is not recommended, because you can suffer from pain in the abdomen or even develop an ovarian torsion. Once this first stage is finished, if it is advisable to do physical exercise, as long as it is of low intensity.

How frequent will my medical appointments be?

The CLOTHING method It consists of six steps, which will be distributed from the first time you went to the clinic, until the end of the process where it is certified that the pregnancy has been successful.

1. The first visit is informative and the priority is to see your health status, find out your medical history and perform some fertility tests. This visit can last about an hour.

two. In the second stage, where you are sure to start the ROPA method, ovarian stimulation will begin in one of the members of the couple, improving the growth of our eggs and generating a greater probability of success. The process takes 8 to 10 days.

3. In this third visit, the doctor confirms the correct development of the eggs, and in conjunction with this third stage, a last medication must be taken for 36 hours to be able to perform the egg extraction procedure that lasts between 15 to 20 minutes. Four. Once the ovules are fertilized, the embryos will be obtained, which will be observed in the laboratory for approximately 24 hours, to evaluate their growth and choose those that have a better embryonic quality, which will be monitored for 5 days so that they can have the characteristics needed for implantation in the mother.

5. Now the embryo transfer to the mother will be carried out, the process is simple and does not require the use of anesthesia, medications or special care.

6. You will return to the clinic 12 days after the transfer of the embryos to perform the pregnancy test.

Will stress affect my treatment?

When we refer to the word stress, many mothers liken it to reproductive problems or infertility, especially when an assisted reproduction process is beginning, so there is pressure that can cause a lot of stress at a very important and delicate moment.

However, the theory is confirmed, by different studies carried out by the department of obstetrics and gynecology of the University of Gothenburg, in which it is understood that there is no link between stress and the ability to get pregnant, by means of some method of assisted reproduction.

In case you are going through a moment of stress and you are in some phase of the CLOTHING method or any other method, the most advisable thing is not to self-medicate and to go to your specialist, who will be able to tell you what medication you can take, so as not to affect the assisted reproduction procedure.

To all this add exercising, going for a walk, having company, looking for different ways to relax which are healthier and can bring you different benefits.

On the other hand, try to attend a clinic with experience, successful results and that has different recommendations, such as CELAGEM , offering tools to combat stress and better enjoy the assisted reproduction process, we are waiting for you.

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What care do I need during a ROPA method treatment?