The term “uterine surrogacy or surrogacy” is one of the many names that is known to the practice of maternal surrogacy. Where a couple aware that another person gestates he drinks until his birth. It is considered a highly complex technique .

Can I have babies without being pregnant?

If you can conceive a baby through surrogacy , as long as you meet a series of requirements to opt for it. If the couple by another simpler method achieves pregnancy, it will be discarded immediately.

For many people it is wrong to use it in a context that denigrates the practice in a commercial way, being one of the many opportunities that the couple has to carry out a dream, which did not materialize naturally. Either due to some disability of the partner, illness or an advanced age.

While another sector of the population defines it as a way of commercializing the body of women, others define it as an altruistic way for life.

It has not reached a point of establishing a single truth, which is complicated by the different currents of thought, which if they have been established are laws that regularize the practice for its approach is in an altruistic, controlled and balanced way.

subrogación o vientre de alquiler

Few countries have modified their laws to approve surrogacy, which is defined under certain conditions so that the pregnant woman commits herself without the economic benefit " rented belly "be the most important thing.

People who can opt for surrogacy:

  • Gay couples : That they are part of the group of homoparental families. It is a technique most used in gay couples, who for natural reasons cannot carry the pregnancy. Compared to lesbian couples, who opt for less complex methods. As the CLOTHING method ( reception of oocytes from the couple ) wave artificial insemination (AI) .
  • Heterosexual couples: They make up traditional families. It is used in cases where the previous techniques did not work, and many times the cause of it is unknown. infertility in any of the people. These decisions are made together and must carry a medical certificate that validates the reason.
  • Single people : Socially they are known as single-parent families. They are people who are characterized by having only an image of authority. This occurs by own decision or age . Both men and women can opt equally, as long as they pass a series of evaluations that allow them to ensure their mental and physical health to carry out the entire subsequent process.

Surrogacy is a restricted practice in most countries. Others are in permanent discussion. Since the bond that is generated is not stipulated in the laws, which must develop the duties and rights of the pregnant woman, also the laws that protect the couple, through a contract that they will sign at the beginning of the treatment.

Without going into details, people who seek the surrogacy as treatment alternate must follow the following steps:

  • Find out if the country of residence allows subrogation. Otherwise, the best destination should be sought depending on financial conditions. Many centers that practice these treatments have online forums or contact numbers. This way the couple is sure of the information before going to the center. The first contact can be virtual, this includes identifying the cause of infertility, we recommend seeing this option of Agency specialized in surrogacy specialized in Homoparental couples in Colombia for foreigners .
  • Psychological and medical examinations are carried out on the couple to identify a state in stable conditions.
  • You can count on our Celagem Reproduction and Fertility Clinic to test your genetic material and identify its quality. In case one of the patients has a highly defective material, a egg donor or sperm, depending on the case.
  • The surrogate mother is chosen, who will carry out the pregnancy. The physical characteristics must be similar to the patients, so the uterus will not have the opportunity to reject it.
  • It is fertilized in the laboratory genetic material , developing embryos in a few days that are selected for implantation. Mature oocytes can be frozen if the couple allows it.
  • Finally the embryos are introduced into the uterus of the pregnant woman and it is verified at 13 days with a pregnancy test.

The gestation will be carried out as a normal pregnancy, being the couple responsible for food and medicine payments . All investment is reflected in the initial contract. In order that there is no contact between those involved. This is avoided so that a link is not formed that could legally be a problem in the future.

These couples or people who choose the technique are known as intentional or intentional parents. Achieving a dream that they had not been able to with previous practices, which demands patience and optimism, in the face of conflicts.

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Can I have babies without being pregnant?