All about In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

What is the best method of assisted reproduction?

Currently, around 20 percent of couples worldwide have some type of infertility at one stage of their life, and assisted reproductive methods offer a viable alternative, which allows them to live the experience of being biological parents.There really is no better treatment than another, each assisted reproductive method has high success rates. What is certain is the most suitable method for the couple in particular. Since each case is different and will be determined by various factors that doctors will evaluate.

Something that is of great importance before beginning any method of assisted reproduction, is to make sure you go to a place of trust and safety, where all the standards required by the ministry of health are met. And that from the first instance they feel comfortable and informed. 

reproduccion asistida

This is essential, because the specialist must carry out various evaluations before indicating which is the effective treatment for the mother. If in any case the corresponding evaluations are not made and a random reproduction method is practiced, it is very possible that you will not be able to achieve a successful pregnancy in the shortest time. And in the worst case it is not achieved at all, creating frustration in the couple.

For this reason, our best advice is not to be guided by the best assisted reproduction method according to external information sources. Instead, the correct thing is to go to a specialized place and take into account the following points:

  • The opinions of professionals.
  • Factors such as age, sperm and egg quality are important points to know which method is the most appropriate.
  • Be aware that the advice of our professional is based on our medical results.

Each method of assisted reproduction is completely effective, if used in the right cases. That is why our attention should not focus on the methods of reproduction, if not on our state of health, the problem from which infertility derives. And based on that information, the specialist can offer us one or more methods to address our situation.

Types of assisted reproduction

There are various assisted reproductive techniques, which as medicine develops, continue to be perfected; This, in order to obtain a large number of successful results and provide the opportunity to solve the limitations that infertility offers, in many couples around the world. 

Each treatment is used for specific infertility problems, that is why it is important to perform tests and know the reason why we cannot get pregnant. And based on this information, know which assisted reproduction procedure is more effective in us.

Below is a breakdown of the types of assisted reproduction that are mostly practiced by clinics or specialized centers due to their high rate of effectiveness:

Artificial insemination

It is one of the best known, simple and successful methods among assisted reproductive techniques.It consists of studying a standard amount of sperm in the laboratory to assess their status and select those with the best performance. Subsequently, an insemination stage is carried out in the woman's uterus, which ends with the natural process of gestation.

In vitro fertilization

This is another well-known and widely used treatment. In general, it is recommended for women over 40 years of age, who have various problems getting pregnant.

It consists of fertilizing the egg with the sperm in a controlled environment (in vitro). Then the correct development of the embryo is observed to be inseminated in the mother's uterus. And 10 days after the event, a pregnancy test is performed to verify that the procedure has been successful. 

Egg donation

Despite being similar to the in vitro fertilization method, it differs from the prior art by the participation of a donor, since eggs from the biological mother are not used. This occurs when the mother cannot produce eggs or has a disease that can transmit it to her future baby. 

ROPA method

It is a technique used only for female partners, which offers them the opportunity to be both biological participants in the process. One of the members of the couple will be responsible for donating their eggs, which are fertilized in the laboratory and then will be introduced into the other person.

All the methods of assisted reproduction that exist are successful in solving the infertility problems that couples present.

Remember that the important thing is not to randomly choose a method, but to go to a specialized place that complies with all legal regulations, and where you feel safe.

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What is the best method of assisted reproduction?